We seriously need a chat moderator


And yesterday I witnessed the peeps in german chat were roleplaying about rape sex and stuff. It’s disgusting and getting out of hand


Yeh…we need admin’s…
Pls hire me.


It’s normal in german global, sometimes i go there and write something like y’all losers or you all disgust me


But we can’t just let them keep doing this.

There are lots of children in this game and they may end up searching whatever unspeakable things they just talked about in there.


Hire me for as chat moderator? I swear that i will be good

  • YES
  • No…pis off

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Was already suggested in the old version, was denied multiple times.


Is there any valid reason why it was denied?


Yep, back then flame wars and insults were the norm… roleplay wasnt that popular.
Reason for denial : “small company, only a handfull of peeps, we cant handle the creeps… but there is a mute button”.


Can’t they just make certain players chat moderator? We don’t have to work for a company to keep chat in order, do we?


they could… but how would you chose a player to be chat moderator?
What criteria of trust would you aply?


That sir, I cannot answer…


Also no player would like to spend his time moderating the chat, pretty sure about it. When you’re online you mainly wanna play.


fair point.
You need employee to moderate the chat… since… well alot can happen in chat in just 1 minute.
and what exactly can that moderator do? mute the creeper? for how long? ban him from the game?(overpowered), ban him from the chat?
What if he starts abusing the powers?


Well if you put it that way yeah definitely .




^ this. And you will probably end up bored pretty soon.


^ Oh god damint…


They think in-game moderators are useless, belive me i’ve talked with they about it before.


is he moning or what


Moderators= more money = more worth drops = more tokens = more donates