We really need this


so i randomly thought of an idea that could help us experiment with builds. why dont we have a certain game mode or a seperate hangar with everything in the game and maxed. and we can build our mechs and have competitions with them. now we can either still get rewards but like -60% less than normal or no rewards at all. and make a separate leader board. think this is a good idea, @Sarah247?

Who thinks this is a good idea?

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idea like this was discussed multiple timesbut devs won’t read


why do you people dont think its a good idea? its where we can experiment builds and fight others but we cant gain anything from it in the main thing… so it stays fair


that kinda sucks…


this ruins the whole point of the game tho

thats like playing some rpg and having 99999999+ gold and some freakishly op weapon that one-shots everything. nothing enjoyable when everythings done for u


That’s a good point, Trophy.


i think its a good way to experiment with builds though


You mean a sandbox mode?

Hell yes


exactly what i mean! someone gets it!



hate that so much XD


Damn, I liked your post, then it showed it again XD

I wonder when I will be regular again…
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lol i have that trouble too XD


There was another Supermechs test site. I forgot what was the address supermech.com/something I don’t remember. It was link to your account. What ever you earn there, goes the main account. Only Gold and tokens.




Yep, that is it. Is it still active?


I think it is but it’s closed to the public now


Yea, because people were only milking it. I was also. I’m guilty


Sounds just like a test server, which a lot of games have/use. But, not one that would benefit the developers of this game in my opinion. While the player base would enjoy testing out their mech builds in a completely open environment with no restrictions, the developers would be missing out on players grinding and spending in order to obtain the items in game to put their ideas to use.

Just my 2¢ :slight_smile:


that is very similar to my simulator mode idea, which STILL NEEDS TO BE IMPLEMENTED!!!
@KilliN made this though.