We need weapons like these!


So,I am conducting an experiment and intentionatelly downranking.
In the process,I came across this guy legacy guy that had these weapons.

As you can see,the dude had a NightFall that only costs heat and a heat Terror Cry.
Why don’t we have these kinds of exotic/unconventional weapons?
The heat Terror Cry (I don’t remember the Legacy names) did resistance damage,not regen (cooling) damage as Last Words.
A heat grenade launcher would be balanced,in my opinion,if it only did resistance damage instead of cooling damage.

I’d say that we need more exotic weapons,more f2p weaponry and more diversified instead of the regular ‘‘Mass…’’ or ‘‘Damage…’’.
Please tell me what you think!


And not like Sweetie.
A phys weapon that does energy cap damage.
I’m talking about some f2p exotic weapons with actual uses!


I like the idea although I do not know why Tactisoft does not put the Terror Cry in calo mode, they just have to take out the legacy weapon and put statistics on it! good although they can improve a little the gun is not over


Yeah,and it’d be balanced by dealing res dmg instead iof cooling dmg.
And maybe other types of weapons too!


The legacy Nightfall is called the Ultimage Gun and was probably one of my favorite weapons when the shop was still there because of how cheap it was. I could completely wreck people with duel of them at low ranks. Sadly, those good 'ok days have passed and we have this disgusting abomination of a game.


Grenade Launcher MK III*



Good Things : These get added
Bad things : they gonna add this with their evolve limit being L-M only on a “grave diggers bullshit difficulty” portal


flaming scope portal was harder tho


It was reasonable as it was a L-M item


i had those before the stupid update


Same shit


sorry but i’d stick with cooling damage for the heat last words, why? because last words had regen damage… and i wish that the heat counterparts did the same heat damage based on the energy versions like savagery and hysteria giving savagery the 120 something heat damage that hysteria has in energy


But you know…
Maybe cooling damage would be too much.
LW does 13 regen damage.
In 3 shots,that would mean -39 cooling.
And that’s a pretty lot,especially thinking that people (like me) would dual wield them :slight_smile:
That’s why I’d say maybe resistance damage would balance things out a little.


yeah but its already that much for regen damage…
and it’s already a problem against mechs like mine that specify in heat and phy


It won’t be added in E-M form if added at all, simplest solution is an E-M Abomination, but we all know the problem