We need this (or maybe just players who can't complete every Raid level)

Right now, this is how Raid works: you win the level, you get a score. You lose at a half of a level, and you get 0 score. I think that should change. Seriously, imagine you beat all the “minions” , and but then, you try to beat the boss and you lose. And no mech revival! I guess that’s fair, but… 0 SCORE??? That’s unacceptable! If we don’t complete the entire level, then just reduce our score (depends how much you completed)! Also, I’m not mad at all, as it seems. April fools are coming two and a half moths, that’s why :3 .

  • Nice idea, I’d like it implemented.
  • No! it would ruin the game!
  • It doesn’t actually matter for me.
  • Kim Jong Un.

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Let’s see what will pesimists say (I don’t give a fuck about what bestplayerintheworld says, because I know he/she is a pesimist, even though he/she keeps lying he/she is a optimist.)

The raid score has nothing to do with how many minions you beat.
It is based on the remaining HP or better said the difference between your remaining HP and max HP.
As such losing the raid means 0 HP remaining = 100% damage = 0 score.
Hence as it is only logical there is no score for losing in the raid.

:frowning: (20000000)

then just vote for kim jong un (20000)

Of course, our glorious leader Kim Jong Un will save us all.


At least one normal madman bunny in this forum that respects our great leader. :3

Well, I re-voted for “I don’t care” as the results would not change anyway for me as I can beat the first 5 raids perfectly and then only lose out some HPs in the last raid.

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If you lived in NK you would say the same thing, ironically. :frowning:

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Thank you.
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