We need public filters for chat


(someone also mentioned earlier that they would “slice my neck”, lost that screenshot)


thats so bad words like some person said heh little girl want some candy


why would you say that and it was anubis


What’s anubis? this?:


no a guy in the supermechs game search him up




ok and why did you say cool also my friend he is weird


because it was cool @dankmementos (I tagged you cause why not)


oh and i know i am a tech guy but what does tagged meant dont get mad


I have been summoned
It would be almost impossible to filter the stuff shown here. Its easy to filter curse words, but a sentence made up of words that are not normally bad such as slice, neck, and my cannot be filtered cause the computer can’t know that these words come together to form something with new meaning, like a threat


Just avoid German chat.
People roleplay all the time there, you cannot take seriously what they are typing there.