We need people in the legend robots clan


we need more people rank 6 or higher go to this linkhttps://tacticsoft.discoursehosting.net/t/legend-robots-clan-lounge-recruitment/11985?u=brennankawamura


This is the leader of the clan
We have 2 more empty slots for anybody rank 6 or up just send a request to LEGEND ROBOTS clan and you can join
Are clan is in the top 150


can my friend join later on when he gets better


Yes just tell me when he will be on and tell him to say something in the chat


Only rank 6 or higher…? :confused: was hoping i can join but I’m rank 15, sadly. :frowning:


send me a pic of your mech


Ok, just a few moments.


Terrible isn’t it


Wll, its an ok mech. I actually need Zakares as of right now, but I decided to stick with my Windigo Torso. It looks to be at around rank 13 or 12. So, your going to be a heat mech? I do have a suggestion. If you get a weapon called “Magma Blast,” Replace the hammer with it. At mythical is is the most used item in top ranks, but it is still useful at lower ranks. I also suggest Desolation top weapon, which is very useful as a top weapon. So, I wanna see your mech in the game, maybe I could see ya at 5:00 ish maybe?


look at my mech its ok


I meant it to Skiller-Legendary xD
Alright, here is my Mech
49 PM
I got the Annihilation and Nightfall to mythical OOF


would you like to join are clan


It is not bad but if i were you i would work on maxing out zarkares and get rid of the Backbreaker and add another heat weapon


we would very appriciate it


you can join my clan yes just send a message to me when you want to join and I will tell you what to do from there


You have a very good mech especially when everything is maxed that is why a would like you to join.


I am in a clan with my friend. If I leave, he will spam me in Google Hangouts, so I don’t want that to happen. He also shouts at meh too, and I don’t want to leave friends either, so thanks for the offer, but no thanks.


that is fine just wondering


Sorry, but I got a clan invitation recently. No lies, no offense, but I’m sorry to say I can’t join yours.


okay if you change your mind then just send me a pm