We need more torsos!


These are the current mythable torsos in the game at this moment:

Heat Torsos:

  • Zarkares
  • Brutality
  • Windigo
  • Nightmare
  • Molten Platinum Vest (L-M) (an upcoming torso;has been implemented in the game but it’s not accessible yet)

Energy Torsos:

  • GrimReaper
  • Naga
  • Sith

Physical Torsos:

  • Avenger
  • Interceptor
  • Archimonde (L-M)

As you can see,there are 3 energy & physical torsos,while there are 5 heat torsos (counting the upcoming one).
Right now,the suckiest torsos are those of physical type:the lightest and most useless torso in the game,the highest hp but core-stats-less torso and the only available L-M torso,the second most useless torso.
I think there should be more torsos,especially physical types.
What do you think?

  • We need more torsos.
  • We don’t need more torsos/It doesn’t concern me.

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And if you agreed to the poll above,what types of torsos would you like to see?

  • Physical.
  • Heat.
  • Energy.

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I would like to see 1-2 phys trosos please.


I pray for Grim with higher HP…


Hp update is comingo for that reason my friend…


I’d honestly prefer a buff of existing torsos; avenger, archimonde, and (to a lesser degree) the sith and its brothers. Plus brutality could use better energy.


Grim is the lowest HP torso, I know it’s R-M but It still needs buff to HP because heat stats doesn’t matter on it


Well, here is the issue:

  • If you give a torso good heat stats it will have to be a heat torso.
  • If you give a torso good energy stats it will be an energy torso.
  • If you give a torso low to mediocre stats for both heat and energy then it will get more HP and hence be a physical torso.

However you cannot make the heat and energy stats of a physical torso comparable to energy or heat torsos as that would destroy the meaning for energy and heat torsos.
So a physical will always be low on energy and heat stats which makes it pretty much unusable with the current heat and energy weapons - especially with heat bomb and EMP around.
Therefore the focus will be more on energy and heat torsos.

Now comes the 2nd issue:
You can still fight while having your energy drained completely as moving around, stomping, physical and heat hooks, heat drones (except for Swoop), Charge Engine and some weapons do not cost energy to use.

But you cannot avoid cooling down or shutting off completely if you are overheated.
So fighting while being overheated can become impossible if the opponent’s heating ability overpowers your cooling ability.
As such having good heat stats can be considered more important as long as you are hosting energy-free weapons.
Due to that the heat stats on torsos become the slight edge more important than the energy stats.

And that is the reason why there are more heat torsos then there are energy or physical torsos as those heat torsos are more widely used due to the importance of being able to avoid a shutdown.

Also with The Claw around as an option for legs the issue of high HP is already solved which makes physical torsos even more unlikely to be useful compared to heat or energy torsos.


I’m not sure, but doesn’t Murmur also requires energy to work ?


Murmur is energy free.


As @The_Yo_Yo_Man already stated Murmur is energy-free.
Its stats on max level myth are:
MURMUR(L) (45) 86-153 ExDmg 36 HeatDmg -7 Cooling (0/31 Cost)


Those are some very good points you make. I still feel like the aforementioned torsos need buffing, but I can’t argue your logic either.


Very throughly explained and points made clear.
Right on the spot,Sunrise!


There are too many heat torsos already, we don’t need anymore. But yeah, we for sure need physical and energy torsos.


I demand a hybrid a torso.

1300 hp
346/112 energy
346/112 heat

44 all resistance.

This is balanced. Worship my idea.


400 weight and we’ll talk.


molten platinum vest


Sirius, cough cough

(thats its original name from @KilliN)


Do you remember USA mk 1 and Yoshimo X torsos ?
the first were having high heat cap BUT low cooling, and decent HP/energy stats, while the other had high energy cap BUT low Regen, and decent HP/heat stats

Now in Reloaded, the heat torsos have high heat stats, energy torsos have high energy stats, and physical torsos have high HP…

I would like to see some “stats bent” torso, like USA and Yoshimo ^^


I by myself loved most Galaxus torsos, model A, B and C, ofc used energy one I think it was C


I never understood why the Galaxus model C weighed 1 kg more than the other Galaxus haha

Galaxus model A = 395 kg
Galaxus model B= 395 kg
Galaxus model C = 396 kg