We need CHANGE, now


R.I.P Dead topic, gg younger yeet.


orang. orang. orang. orang. orang.


Honestly man, myth your stuff and just focus on protection against energy if you face them a lot.

People on this forum will defend the ■■■■ out of energy being broken and op just because it’s the meta and they don’t want to switch. And don’t bother wishing for magmas/CRs, been trying for months now and haven’t dropped either. (Yet on a throwaway acc I can get them and plat, smh).

Take this as a warning, since I know a shitstorm is coming your way for complaining FAIRLY about broken ass energy mechs.


Oh no, they are MULTIPLYING


Truth be told… getting hit by 3 bunkershells… there isnt much you can do, magma blast or grimsome rupture wont help you much.
You got hit by 2 and faceshoker drone, those alone hit harder then most other wepons out there.


what? Oh you mean the drone that does more damage when drained than a maxed iron boot or a maxed desert fury? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Make a cheap energy. Malice beam grim reaper feet drone and a push weapon. Use modules effectively. Build against energy. It isn’t dominant. You can have a good energy mech without premium items. Last words malice beam grim reaper and wind forge all start out epic or rare. Build them up. Use a windingo or a naga or grim reaper torso. Read , research, work to solve your problem. The rewards are much greater . We all started out trying to figure out how to beat it. You can do it


Wind forge is leg-myth my dude


I had similar dreams but…



yeety yeet, schmeaty schmeat


lol i actually got hit by faceshocker, mythical malice beam and legendary hysteria, so even the normal weapons are op in energy


I made decent mech with rare epic items . Made black skull with it . Up to you. If you grind you can get many malce beams last words and a grim cobra. If you make a heater make sure you have enough energy .


That’s how the game works bro, Electrics are the meta now, but soon this will change.


I know you don’t want to hear it but you just need to work on your meh more. The lowest HP a mech should have is around 1600. You haven’t bothered to max torso or legs and then you come on here and complains. 311 energy is really low as well. You either need to get more energy or use a mech that doesn’t need energy (annihilation, desolation, heat drone). You could easily build better Mechs but instead of that you just post spam topics now even with a screen shot showing how you could easily improve.


Boi, boi, boi.




I have maxed or am maxing all my energy modules, I grind ramboy till out of fuel 3 times a day, but items and modules dont appear out of thin air, buddy


I wassnt bothered to max anything out? My torso and legs are max legendary, but the problem is I dont have enough legenderies to convert to mythical, and even though I use up all my fuel 3 times a day on farming, Its not enough. I know that you love wasting your bank account for good items, but please try to consider the trouble that f2p players are in.


Btw, the point is not that you CAN make a cheap energy mech and kill everyone, its the fact that a cheap energy mech can kill everybody! There has to be a balance, not a super OP Meta, and you know its gotten bad when your arguement for it is just to join the bandwagon and make an op mech yourself. And I wont, because Im not just going to let the balance rift get wider and wider, like a coward


Top players are not all energy. They have found a way to counter it. I have a physical to counter energy builds . The game is as balanced as it has ever been. No build destroys all now. Get to work and build better machines . You got this