We need better heat rollers!


so, we have l-m energy and physical rollers, which are too hard to get. and the c-e heat rollers “sillzing rollers” are useless. so here are some balance changes:

  • Make Rolling beasts and Sparked runners epic to mythical “E-M”

  • Add new E-M (epic to mythical) Heat rollers because the sizzling rollers are very useless

  • Delete sizzling rollers after releasing the E-M new heat rollers because they are useless

  • Also, we have only 3 rollers in-game, so why not add more in the future?


And ■■■■ everyone who bought tokens to get lm rollers?


Kill half the universe…


Ummm now here…



20 characters long…


Off topic.
But did Vica @Vicarious89 changed into pizza killer pic? :ok_hand::joy:
I wish if that was a yes lol.


Pizza killer time is near to its beginning


Hell no.
Leave the rollers as they are.

Uhm…No.Let them stay.It’s just a legendary food item like most of them…

Uhm…Why would you need more rollers?They all do the same thing.

Plus,I don’t get the fuss about heat rollers.Just use Rolling Beasts or SParked Runners;you won’t stomp much,since their real use is the extra mobiliy they provide.

This thread is a big no to me.


you dont think; heat rollers are useful for mid/long ranged mechs.
you only want unbalance.


Same as Rolling Beasts and Sparked Runners they do same thing


I think we can get heat rollers, that would be nice. As for everything else in his post:


of course. you want only unbalance. nothing else. you can have as much as you wANt


Which balance you like the most :question:

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i will pm sarah


No need, she can read it here :exclamation:



i already did it


Just use wheelchair and hammer/axe for knockback and nice dmg, heat rolling surely wouldn’t do more dmg than hammer/axe


what on the heck is that!?


Rolling beasts


I can not see why we would need Heat Rollers. I understand that heat players think they need them to be part of the “Rollers Squad” But there would be no use in it. Rolling Beasts gives good hp for larger weight and Sparked runners is the smaller version where you get small hp for small weight. If they were to implement Heat Rollers… Would they put it in the middle? Stronger than beasts? lighter than Runner?

If they implement another roller, one of the rollers would soon become obsolete (the one stuck in the middle)

Plus there’s no benefit to having a heat version of beasts. Weaker kick but generates a bit of heat. Nah, not worth it.