We Need a new Torso and leg, Legendary


All I see in battle are Mythical Torsos and legs. A new Legendary would be nice. Something a little better than the Galaxus Models. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the Galaxus Models. There just needs to be a new Torso and legs in Legendary. Since I started years ago, there hasn’t been a new torso ever of legendary or a regular torso, yet there are side weapons and top weapons. Mythical just keep getting more.


and Mythical are very hard to get, especially for the players (such as me) don’t have a lot of token, and don’t have real money to buy token :frowning:


they should honestly just make a legendary torso thats as good as a mythical. This would help f2p players. They can make it as powerful as metrolens or yoshimo or whatever. it would be nice to see.


Umm…perhaps make the Metrolens legendary?


They wont do that. Would cause too many problems. I was hoping if they made a new legendary torso it could stand up to or tank hell fire and god mode. If so it would need to be a bit stronger than metrolens.


I think it would be better to simply buff the galaxuses given they were created at a time when 60 cooling was viable and weapons doing 100 damage was rare instead of the norm


Do you think the weight is an overkill on the Galaxus Models?


The torso should have 380-400 hp, 120-130 energy cap., 20-40 regen, 120-130 heat cap., and 20-40 cooling. That way almost as good as mythicals. It would have to be at least that strong to be able to stand a chance against mythicals.
As for legs, depends on what you want. Better cannon feet? Give it 60 Damage and 90 hp. Better quake feet? 90 Damage, 20-25 hp. These things have to be that good, or else just get destroyed by mythical items. I made the stats have gaps, since physical would have more hp (400), heat would have more cooling and heat cap (40 cool, 130 heat). Electric, 130 energy cap and 40 regen.


Some of those stats need a little change.
Hit points need to be range of 400-450.
Energy is good
regeneration need to be 30-40
Heat is good
cooling need to be 35-45
Weight between 380-410


The new stats look good to me. Just need to wait for one of the devs/creators to see it.


Itll probably be “soon”