We Need A New Rarity Guys!


Guys I know,some of you have mythical items maxed and they are overpowered… Yeah we need a new rarity something like ULTRA or idk guys I’m new and I don’t know how it works and yeah… I will wait

This will be a unreal big update if it happened

No we don’t.


Why don"t this will make the game more interesting


A promt reply.


I actualy don’t think you should because then you would have weapons doing 1000 damage


and that unbalances the game completeley


Because it already takes years to upgrade something to mythical and only p2w people would be able t get something to ultra because you would theoretically need 200k gold and 6 mythicals just to transform a mythical to ultra so all people who cant spend money would be eaten alive


And torsos very strong and more time to play, if you have the same items evry time it gets boring


but then the game would be taking longer and also the devs are not go going to do that because it is tooooooooooooo much work and they are so lazy


Like I said, it would cost so much to get a mythical to ultra that only people who pay money would be able to transform it, leaving all te non paying people to die


You are right abot that


so it would not be fair


Its not neccesarliy a bad concept, bt it just wouldnt work


Bro I know is the option ,farm’’ yes?


So the ULTRA tier of Flaming scope would pack 1500 damage at level 60,right?
And 1000 for Magma Blast?
I don’t think this would be a thing…


Yes you are right about that


Adding mythicals to the game was bad enough. pls no


I wouldn’t mind devs reducing one tier for everything, exept torsos and legs, but adding another is nonono


You can stop replying now he gets it he said himself that he gets it.
@Elcent please close this thread


We don’t need that thing