We need a Heat Terror Cry


not the best need some help

@Winz_Kay can u help with art
plz rate this

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The community has voted, now its up to the staff

Make a Heat version of terror cry

Okay will do now


RIP abomination


Failed in the small scale but not too recognisable so here you go

Last Words (Heat)






How do you get such big and clear images?


Yeah, heat really needs a non-premium 2-4 range heat weapon that goes to mythical

It would have to have worse stats than the abomination tho, cause its premium and the heat version of last words is not.




I don´t know why a heat version of night eagle was never made !! The night eagle is the only weapon that works if you wear a Reckoning. There must be a heat version !!!


i might make a sprite for that , just to try out my imagination


Heat have weapons that shot in the 1-2 range. We need a heat version of the night eagle. It´s absurd that we have to use a physical weapon in our heats!

It only happens to heats, phys and energy have it! It’s not fair.


I mean it’s soo pretty…But we have Last Words.


How about a f2p,1-2 range,E-M energy gun?


there is uhm , shotguns xd


i was thinking about a better version of the gernade lanchers call war head


I want two :heart_eyes:


thanks friend:grinning::grinning::grinning:


We had enough unfair L-M items


@Sarah247 I feel like we absolutely need this tho. It has been asked many times by now and it doesn’t really make sense it’s available for phys and energy mech but not for heat ones.