We need a fair and clean game


No you don’t know :exclamation: Seeing your words, I know that you don’t.
When I talk about a bug, I mean a bug :exclamation:

Conspiracy Mania at its finest :exclamation:



You like eat vegetables for 35 years?


Yeah,what’s wrong?
It’s healthy.And tasty too.


No,I just ask her did she like eat vegetables,and also I like to eat it too!:slight_smile:


But I am a very good cook! I like meals made, prepared, the hot dishes, well seasoned and accompanied by good wine. It´s very rare that you see raw vegetables on my table.

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(this is for off topic)


If you interested for this off topic,you can talk in this topic!:slight_smile:


seriously? the gamd is fine. The event that some ppl login some hours before the turnament ends is obviously skill.It isnt easy to cheat btw,i think there was no reason for this topic to be writen, it insults the game


I congratulate you, Manolis! It must be a privilege to see that everything is fine in the game.

And the person who gave you a “like” what you wrote, I don´t understand why on other topics, she talking about cheaters in the RAID, of “bugs” that prevent getting certain items, reports that aren´t answered …

And I suppose that proof that we showed here of sales accounts in Internet , you didn´t see either. You don´t even know there are ex-Shiro hackers who are playing again.

Nor do you see how many people have left the game because of disappointment.


Seems you do not understand many things …

  • watch your own business, I can like whatever I want (at least I do it when it make sense, and not like you, even if the poster says the wall is blue, when it is in real green, just to stay on his side)

  • what manolis said is absolute correct …

… therefor my like

  • your content here about cheating is a wild guess, my posts about the Raid it is proven that Raid-End-Scores (perfect ones) are not possible

  • you lied once more, as so often now “a friend is leaving the game” blablabla


Thats the huge and important difference, between you and me :exclamation:



Did you write this or your little brother?


Please learn to read …


You have an impressive double speech! If you were a politician, you could succeed.


Basically many many players are leaving a lot of games, and these DEVS should get their act together, and know this; HACKERS DESTROY YOUR REP,AND COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOUR COMPANY. Glad I left, because I can’t stand any grief in a game, I have real life issues like all of us, to deal with. Found this post due to the email I got from Tacticsoft, and will never come back to this game also- due to the very very poor response time and handling of any “support tickets” I have made. I still have the very laughable emails where I get 8 different responses from their help, only to never get the problem resolved… so don’t expect them to handle this has issue either lol. Even if it’s not a clan, by the way, one hacker, can do enormous damage to a game… good luck, and I am also removing myself from their email…


I remind you that the topic that you opened is about the honest and clean game, what happened did you already clean at home ?, or do you just wait for others to do it, and your ? What pressure measures will you do in your clan to be heard? Have you started cleaning? or is it just another theme created by you only with the intention of saying that others do what you can not do? long ago you said you could not play with dishonest people, how will you do now? And do not tell me your leader will know what to do. I ask you directly what will you do?

your as promoter of this you must take the initiative, surely to do so you will follow your unbreakable principles of which you always mention, what will you do about it? or will they only be words in a forum? Will you take personal and individual actions to make yourself heard? Your clan will listen to you ?. And if they do not, what will you do? I’m very aware of this. this was your initiative, maybe if you give the example many others will join you …


Talking from clean game, I wonder why Littlelost your lost harbor a stolen account in their Clan …
(no hate or attack, just a fact)

@Fluxeon has sure some words about the well known “greek man” :exclamation:
(original owner K L O W N told me that his account got stolen, and Wepwawet should know how it feels, cos she got her account also “stolen” once)



if you feel disadvantaged by this game, why are you still playing this game? complaining and complaining continuously is not good for your health. Oh i know you’re “trapped” just go fvxk yourself leave the game and continue your real life.

Ps. This only my humble opinion… i’m out from this thread


giphy (3)
It really seems right to you that there is inequality in a game, the porposito of it is fun, but how does one have fun if there are people who simply have better things … maybe that’s why sm is dying … every time they nerfear more … some time the complaints will become rights … but the well-off do not care


People can complain about unfair shit happening in the game. Just because you don’t like it nor suffer from the same problems other do, does not give you the right to give them shit. Let people say what they wish.

And keep your shitty un-humble ass opinions to yourself.

Pathetic how not even clan leaders can act mature.


why do you care about this game? while all staff, admin and dev do not care. all my complaints, your complaints are always ignored.


You are right, but also I can see the other side a little bit, since Wepwawet complains nearly in every single post about disadvantages (with not very good arguments) :exclamation: