We need a fair and clean game


Is this just a fairy tale, so that you had a reason to start this accusing again, or why else you don’t say, who is this “friend” :question:


Enlighten us


Cheater who use cheat engine to play raid,not fair!


@Wepwawet, @bestplayerintheworld, could you please stop flaming here?


Where you see a flaming here from my side :question:


You´re already going to find out. I don´t lie with my family and my friends. And I don´t have imaginary friends.


“nearly no damage” = not a perfect score

“If you can finish with 2 or 3 damage taken” = not a perfect score

“you would probably be able to finish a perfect score”

No :exclamation:

Perfect score is not possible last day of the Raid :exclamation:



So, why you cannot tell us :question:


Read my post, maybe?


I am pretty good with reading :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still not possible, because it count the damage you got, and not if you end with best HP possible again :exclamation:

And maybe you missed it, but someone pm many players, and he told them HOW the Raid is cheated :exclamation:



Because what is confidential must be respected. The fact can be said, but not the protagonist.


Yes, thats why you wrote such a long post about, jaja :exclamation:


Didn’t get a PM, but read about it somewhere here. And everybody who can use google can cheat this game…

However, I didn’t know that it count’s damage taken in a battle, I thought the game counts the damage at the end of a fight. That’s at least how it works in campaign mode, where you get a “Perfect!” showing up at the end of a perfect battle, even if you took damage before but healt it.
Something new to learn every day :slight_smile:


My feelings and my perspectives about it are not confidential.

And thanks for reading the publication.


I know this is off-topic,
But I love your profile pic!


I like all animals. I have been an activist for welfare of all animals for many years. And vegetarian for 35 years.

Sometimes I recognize that I defend lost causes. But cause of animals has never been lost. We have managed to sensitize many people about this.

Thank u @Manta_Shrimp


I hate humans :slight_smile:
Tho I like the meow-meow (meme intended).


Humans we are animals too!

You must learn to love those of your own species, although it is true, sometimes we want to kick their ###…


By the way @bestplayerintheworld … I already know what the “bug” is, which is not a bug but a hack that allows you to get the platinum plates and much more. And by the way is related to the legacy elements.

It´s unfortunately that there are people who want to blackmail TS to provide they this information.


I will sit comfortably to wait for this event, I will relax I will buy popcorn to wait to see this happen in your house, and as you want to do something, I would like to see how you will protest in your own home, what measures taken to be heard in your own house so that those changes are given from your own home, I will sit and wait for you to give the example from your own home. Only after seeing those things will I support you. Do not answer me with words do it with facts, do not fall into the game of hot potato which you pass from hand to hand.


And if you know it because you do not publicly denounce it with evidence, it captures videos, or it is that first they are going to use it and then they will say it … When you are in full of items … to prohibit a fraud there is nothing more effective than make it public … ummm suspect