We need a fair and clean game


You will see that will happen.

Just start by setting the example and more people will do the same.


You / Littlelost your Lost start kicking the 9 very suspicious accounts (from 5 I know 100% they are cheated, the other 4 are a guess from me) :question:


How cute is this. Some little people (also called players) trying to spoke. They think that owners of the game care about them. But they not.

And this is huge mistake, Tacticsoft. It will revenge on you. How? You are loosing players right now and of course - it is less money spent on game - but it’s not real problem.

The real problem for you will be breakthrough, when waiting for fight 1v1 will be so long that some players will quit. And so on, more waiting, more quitting. I give you 3 months, in my opinion if you won’t do anything game will die completely within one year.


mabye but i hope it does not die or i will pass


Since when the game was fair and clean after reloaded ?


when I look at types of players ,they are weird,they are not competitive spirit

all the bosses full difficulty to find the right player , motivated players

I do not know what to say players cheat and evolve level too long

it’s not normal, players 1 year or older they can not have item specials like hp mystic and young players can have all

admins please correct this error, of the players who evolve long year


1 year? Damn, gross, some of us play 5+ years. You are right, but these mistakes cannot be corrected in really fair way.
But in forum you can find really good ideas (for example - items portals not only for new items but for mercy, hp plates) but after getting lot of likes and positive feedback from community… NOTHING HAPPEN!


1 years or more is not nothing, it’s a lot and

we played over 5 years with rotten weapons, how much did we pay to have

without forgetting build mechs and work on compaign

whore! 5 years old and young players everything can have


Thats the problem :exclamation:

We - players - cannot know 100% who cheats and who not :exclamation:
(we only see it 100% clear at RAIDs now)

  • some really invest a lot of money, like @Rising as just one example

  • others cheat their stuff

… only tacticsoft could check, who cheats and who not :exclamation:

But it seems they do not, or do not care about :exclamation:

And about the HP Platinum Plate … there is a “bug”, “old” players cannot get them for a reason.
I reported it weeks ago, got an answer asking for more details.
I gave the details. Never an answer again :exclamation:



I think it isn’t a mistake or a bug, it’s consciously done. Stimulate the creation of new accs and… and their subsequent sale.
There are also implicit restrictions on items droping into the campaign and their randomity - from the level of rank, amount of HP and mechs equipment.
Well, as the answer will come: “It’s a visual glitch” or “urban legend”


It won’t happen. Tacticsoft won’t care. Clan leaders won’t " clean up". People will not UNITE and become a source of inspiration for the gaming world. I tried. For as many that want good there are the same whose personal inspirations are the exact opposite . Carry yourself as you are proud. If there is a clean clan let me know. I will support it. Expecting others to do so is a pipe dream.


I respect for all good player :grinning::innocent:


well said, gagarin…:slight_smile:


You should tell us what the “bug” is. Is it related to legacy items?


Tip to Tacticsoft. Check raid scores at the end of the event. Permanently ban the obvious cheaters at the top of the table. Surely it’s not that complicated.


I corrected the tipyng erorr :crazy_face:


Thanks for the post Wepwawet.

It puts to words a lot of frustration. I hate seeing people with perfect scores in raid, well-known in the community, and still present in the game hacking something that directly takes away from everyone else in the raid.

I also am frustrated by some “super-rares.” I put a lot of money and time into the old version, I had 3 mechs at +15 on all weapons and items. I had all the mythicals in multiples, and my three favourite electro-mechs for 3v3. And when a new item came out, at least we had that base %chance to get it from a box if we did not already have it. So players who had a lot of money and lots of mythicals knew that chasing that new mythical item was not an exhorbitant cost, you already put your money in, you supported the game, and a few mythical packs helped.

When the new reset came they basically deleted everything. 3 maxed out mechs and many many many many mythicals somehow turned into a single mech. Years of effort and money in one update completed deleted.

As everyone knows, I’ve always enjoyed energy builds, (even in the old version where they were not so popular). I’ve gotten a lot of packs this version, I got sucked back in. Recenty I managed to get a second valiant, though I never got an ash creator. I do have 2 bunker-shells.

I also have never gotten the mythical HP plates, (which give more than double the hps at the same weight as epic! It’s ludicrous!), nor the single-resist plates, though yesterday I got the electic one (had hoped for physical). The ultra-rarity of some items is not fun… what was fun in the old version was mixing and matching parts seeking to evolve your mech and try new builds. There’s no choices in this version - different hp/energy/heat plates at different weights with a limited selection of weapons with limited abilities (there was no 4-8 range weapons in the old version!).

My favourite part of the game was 3v3 but I cannot afford to do 3 mechs competitively. Maybe in another year. In the old game you did not need to max your items to win… The difference between +8-10 was not impossibly huge over +15.

Anyways, just griping. I still enjoy my diversions, but am very disappointed with the way legacy players were treated. I look forward to when I can compete in 2v2/3v3.

This raid is a step in the right direction however with, basically, weekly tokens. It does reward those who have invested a lot already and distributes tokens to all. So don’t knock the raids.

But ban the damn players who are hacking them.


I’m a little sad, yes. These things should not happen. After all, it’s just a game, but this should not happen.

You can be corrupt in life, it’s true. Corruption is everywhere. And we are adult people. That is, if we have allowed ourselves to be deceived, after all, we are aware of it. It’s like the guy who plays roulette, knows he has a lot more to lose than to win, but he’s an adult and knows what he’s doing.

But in this game there are also children and adolescents, who although they seem very intelligent, often trust the system.

You can not cheat in an online game! Because you’re cheating minors too. And that’s one of the worst things you can do in life.


I am sure that many adults who play here and have children, would never advise their children to play in this game!


Although this game clearly has a cheater problem (and you can easily find the hacking programs within a 2-minute google search), it is NOT impossible to finish the raid with a perfect score!

  1. If you have a really good setup you can shut down or drain mechs quickly.
  2. If you own the myth resistance modules, you take nearly no damage.
  3. If you happen to have an old legacy healing drone, you can score a perfect raid without cheating.

That’s clearly not what’s happening in most cases, but I wanted to point out that it is possible. If you can finish with 2 or 3 damage taken, you would probably be able to finish a perfect score, if you had that old legacy drone left over.