We need a fair and clean game


We do/did exactly the same … because :

Why we should support a game, where cheaters are allowed and more obviously than in the RAID scores is not possible :exclamation:

I wrote 2 clear posts explaining that the TOP results (perfect score) from RAID are not possible to do, without cheating / using 3rd party programs.

So they kinda self-reported themself, and that now since weeks.

They steal …

  • the chance to be top with fair gameplay
  • the tokens
  • the gold


Now @Lannister you can shine answering why and how (!) @Killin and @Fluxeon are/were able to have unpossible Results at RAID :exclamation:
(instead of doing Clan manipulations)



Raid is impossible to get the full marks,if the marks is always perfect,it is mean cheater!
It is no one can perfect if you not a cheater!Raid it is not fair for us!


It isn´t the purpose of this topic to make a list of cheaters. We all know who they are. Changes start at home. You cannot sweep the neighbor’s house, if you don´t clean the yours first.

This is not about starting a clan war, but about uniting. Present ideas about what we can do together to clean the game.

Don´t separate! Join! Put together! It´s a call to act immediately, start today to clean each one their own clans. To prevent honest people migrating from the game or feeling cheated.

Lanni will know what to do, Grosbite will know what to do and you and Poppers will know what to do as well.


The community could only do so much (like excluding those who cheat the system), but ultimately, TS has to step up their security game, and we all know how ineffective it was/is (so far).

The one thing I don’t understand is why everyone here still plays the game, despite all of the petty drama and incompetent Devs. It’s like you all want something to complain about when you already know the end result of amounting to inaction.


We play the game because we have invested here a lot of our time. Because because we don´t want to separate from our mates. We play because we like to play!

And we keep playing because it’s like a Pandora’s Box, and we refuse to lose hope that someday things will return to the right way. In my interior I don´t accept that changes are impossible.

You cannot run away from problems forever. Someday you will have to stay and do everything possible to improve things.


2 short sentences to this statement …
(I will reply soon in details)

  • that’s the point, WE - players - cannot know, you guess. Only tacticsoft can know for sure :exclamation:

  • you have also a home

And your posts always sound like your home is clean, which I can garantee you, it isn’t :exclamation:

That is what I cannot go with you, you try to sound neutral, but you accuse very clear

  • indirect :

“some of them will come in the final hours of the tournament and will throw away everything you did”
“gaining first positions with his dirty tricks”

Only because they win Single Gold Medals and Clan Gold Medals, means not they cheat, IF you want be neutral, you need to talk about 2nd, 3rd etc the same (:exclamation:) way :exclamation:

Only on RAID we can see clearly the cheaters, because WE ALL know for sure (!) that a perfect score (total) at raid is not possible :exclamation:

and also

  • direct :

“Russian hackers”

Only one country in the whole world use hacks :question:

Be neutral for ALL and I go with you, stay sided (even if it is only indirect) and I cannot go with you :exclamation:

Exactly sentences like …

… as an answer to others, make your intend not trustworthy, as said yourself have here also a “home” / clan :exclamation:





Congratulation :exclamation:

Best post ever I read in this forum :exclamation:

Due to english isn’t my native language, it is sometimes difficult to express what I want to say in short sentences :exclamation:

You nailed it 100% … we as player cannot know, are not able to see which account is cheated or not, we just can guess, tacticsoft self (devs) are the only one who has access to all accounts and all datas :exclamation:

Therefor only they can say 100%, who cheats and who not :exclamation:

But as yourself mentioned their ineffectivity, it looks kinda - I also know from some cases - they work together with some hackers :exclamation:

That way tacticsoft do not only gain more money, because honest players try to keep up with the best cheated accounts and so honest players paying a lot real money …
that way tacticsoft also safe a lot of work hours, cos hackers help them (sometimes, and here is the problem, often the hackers use the bugs, glitches for themself - see RAID, instead reporting) :exclamation:



Tacticsoft knows with certainty, in the same way we know, that there is at least one group on internet that sells accounts. What has Tacticsoft done about it?

Tacticsoft knows with certainty that there are people who restart the campaign. They suspended some, why did they leave others who were correctly informed?

Why doesn´t Tacticsoft tell us all what the final results of our reports are and how and when they reached a conclusion?

Why Tacticsoft does not tell us why a player invests almost $ 2000 in 6 months and cannot get a single legendary HP plate, while others carry up to 10 of these?

Why were we told that the RAID cheat was solved, but cheat and cheaters are still in good health?

And after this, are you willing to continue waiting for Tacticsoft to do something?


Not correct …

How you know who cheats in your Clan :question:

But you are right about … tacticsoft

the reason why they do what they do I told in above post … they want your money :exclamation:



I mean the russian group that sells accounts on the internet. Everyone who wanted to saw the link here in this forum. What’s more, Elcent confirmed that Sarah already knows about this. Knows… and?


Correct … and why tacticsoft do nothing against :question:

Thats highly illegal, not only against TCPP from tacticsoft.

Why tacticsoft do nothing against the RAID cheaters, which is 100% confirmed, that even best players with best equipt cannot do perfect score, because everybody know for sure it is not possible :question:

Answer :
they - tacticsoft - are happy as it is …

P.S.: you gave a lot of hate to me, even with a lot of lies, and you cannot deny it, because all written is saved here. But if you would try to put that hate from you away about me, you would see that I fight for clean game since 4 (:exclamation:) years.

But as you and as others, if you run to a wall, it make no sense to continue, special if the only once who would be able to break that wall - tacticsoft - don’t want to break that wall :exclamation:


K. But we are not happy. And that’s why it’s important that we do what Tacticsoft doesn´t do. Let’s try to join together to remove the trash from the game.


Sometimes, these problems can only be changed via a transfer of company management (i.e. Tacticsoft goes broke and sells the company). But while TS is in control and we as a community know of their shortcomings and loose ends, changes to security and fairness will probably be on hold “until further notice.”

Maybe we just have to step back a lil (as in let TS run its course financially) and see how things pan out.


How you know who cheats in your Clan :question:

If I make a fast count about accounts (I know, because they self told me and I know the accounts since years … talking about all top clans) I guess (as said only tacticsoft know 100%) …

Reign Reforged
11 accounts

Littlelost your Lost
9 accounts

I don’t give here a number, BUT I can assure you it is way less than 11 counted in Reign Reforged and 9 counted in Littlelost your Lost

And you will see, here the problem will start again, the hate will grow, the sensless accusing of each other, the lies :exclamation:

My counts are NOT lies, I can pretty good see which account grow to fast - without spending money, and which not :exclamation:
Because my account self is 100% clean with invested a lot real money :exclamation:

Also because of my years of knowlegde of this game, many account owner gave me infos, also from the other clans :exclamation:



Not gonna happen. Sorry but unity is something that will never happen here. Carry yourself as you choose to and ignore everything else. This game will never be fair and I carry myself how I chose and don’t really care about much else. I remain because I choose. Try to have fun.


This game is very fun, I have a lot of fun playing it, I do not know why they say it’s unfair …


You say that “it will not happen”, @Joeyjojojunior . But I already started!

I will assure me as of today that players who join the clan of which I am a part, are clean players. If that doesn´t happen, then I will tell my leader. I´m sure we will agree. He´s a person of dialogue.

Joining does not mean embracing all of us and eliminating competition. To unite means to march in the same direction.

If I can do it, why not you? It isn´t about cleaning the neighbor’s house, but about cleaning each one of our own houses. If everyone works for it in their own clan, we will soon have a much cleaner game. It doesn´t seem so difficult, right?


Expecting others t do the same is in vain. It wont happen.


HOW you will know this :question:


You cannot know, only tacticsoft can know, but try to explain how YOU will know it - not guessing :exclamation: