We need a fair and clean game

So… a friend is leaving the game, and it will undoubtedly be an important loss for some who he helped in various ways… He leaves the same way others did. By disappointment.

As many of us, he endured everything. We were here when the Shiro clan had seized the game, a clan of Russian hackers led by kigblinc and Madao San, which Tacticsoft took months to intervene, despite the obvious and all protests. We were also here 7 months ago, when the “great update” arrived, which deprived us, with impunity, of everything that took months and years to build. And we passed those proofs, and he, me, others, we remain here despite everything, fattening with our wallets Tacticsoft coffers “so that the game can continue”. We did it because in short, human being is an animal of customs and it’s hard for us to separate from our mates.

But you would believe, after all this, it has been worth the sacrifice and game is now clean. Well no, the game is still as dirty as before. Some ex-members of Shiro are here again, using the same dirty tactics that they used in the past, understand: internet sale of accounts, acquisition of special items through hacking programs, hacking … they walk around the game , gaining first positions with his dirty tricks, sight and grace of all. It does not matter if you are an honest player and have worked hard all week, some of them will come in the final hours of the tournament and will throw away everything you did. To they, were added other cheaters, those who restart the campaign, those who learned to hack the RAID … How many times did you report this and didn´t get any response? How many times your topics about cheat, cheaters and hackers have been closed or passed to privately, here on forum? How many times have you been banned for telling the truth? How many times did the moderator say “send an email to technical support” (which is the same as saying “close your mouth, this is not talked about”)? How many times did they tell you that the problem is solved, but you haven´t seen the solution anywhere?

Many of us, the oldest players, cannot even be fairly competitive, because by some reason we don´t know, no matter how much time and / or money we invest on this game, we have not access to certain special items, the famous legendary HP plates . This isn´t a problem for the cheaters who carry between 6 and 10 on their builds!

So this, try to be somehow a goodbye from the game to my friend. But also a call to all to join. A call to clan´s leaders , especially top clans (including mine). Let’s do what Tacticsoft doesn´t do for us! We all know who the cheaters are, we don´t need to name them. Each leader knows who is who in their clan and the points that fit. Let’s make a boycott to cheaters. Kick the thieves from your clans!

My friend gave up. I don´t. I’m going to continue to denounce all this. I ask everyone to join. And if nobody wants to do it, if nobody cares about all this, if personal interests or small groups (understand clans) prevail over community interests, if at last the good people decided to join the evil people, anyway I’ll keep trying to do something. Because I don´t want to fire more honest people from this game. :pensive:


I absolutely support this: Just ban scammers and people who offer tokens and accounts from the game.


Thank you for this post. I wanted to make one about fairness and kindness, too.

As a fair player it’s frustrating to see the Raid-rewards going to cheaters every week (for example).

The tone in this forum is sometimes disgusting and needs to be way more friendlier.


I stopped spending until the cheaters in the game…And will do so until their cheaters are not banned. Tacticssoft you lose money…


Talking about scammers, we have a scammer leading Top7 clan.



Sometimes I wish there were a dislike button… :disappointed:

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Because I dislike that fact.

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Oh okay. Same, it’s a nonsense and a shame.
Hopefully Sarah will look into it, I sent her a pm few hours ago about that fact.


I agree entirely.
Why don’t they just ban hackers and scammers (they do not make any money for TS and scare new players away).
But I thought reloaded was a great update, although they should have been a better way for older players to keep their hard work (e.g. legacy -> tokens or legacy items -> new items rather than legacy -> **** power kits.
That’s just my opinion anyway.


Some time ago I asked myself the same question and some time ago I came to a conclusion.

Just try to think why the hackers ex-members of Shiro were allowed return to the game. Why Kigblinc was granted a special “pardon”. Why if you report an acc, just get a promise that they will investigate (but you never find out if they did something or not) … by attaching a line, you may reach the same conclusion as me.

Two days ago I received a pm from a member of this community who I barely know. He explained to me how cheats do the RAID trick . He also told me that this had reported to the Tactisoft staff weeks ago with little success. And that I do with it what I want. Even so, it maintains hope that they will do something.

Developers don’t give a shit to our problems


I still don’t understand why the RAID was created with the parallel existence of the campaign missions… Well, in fact, it’s unclear within the framework of logic and fair play. And certainly not for the players. Why is there such a strong need to create duplicate campaigns separately, spend time and resources with obvious and numerous mistakes and failures many times identified by players?


I believe that intention is to collect more money. I say it from my personal experience.

The raid is another parallel competition to the game, for which you need to have certain items. Me, for eg, had a Valiant without maxing. Valiant that I don´t know how it was saved from fusion, because I’m not energy! I had to invest to max it! I’m sure there’s more than one in the game, who has done the same as me. And that’s money for TS.

I think that’s what’s behind raid. It´s not TS’s intention to give us tokens. It´s the intention that you invest more than you receive.

Dubiously. Money from banners. The money from the players are not a priority.

I, like players with whom I discussed the RAID, go into manual mode once and don’t remember until the next day.
And specifically hone its weapons-is nonsense. Weapons are upgraded for fighting, not for companies or unpredictable one-time portals.

In my opinion, the possibility of deception-payment for work covering the incompetence of the current SMcommand. Which it is not hiding and lurk, and explains the removal of the bans, loyalty to the cheaters and many more.


Possible. Follow the money route and maybe find some answers.

Anyway, I think we should look for a solution ourselves (within what we can do without breaking the rules), and not wait for TS anymore.

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@Wepwawet this was amazing!
Everything you said is true indeed.
We must find a way to stop all that’s going on and create a safe place in the game for all of us.
You have my support,and I believe that all of us can make a change!

Not when you take away the 2-years work of everyone and give nothing in return.
Not with all these cheaters around.
Not when fellow players go to war against each other here,on the forum…

We have to do something…It’s not okay to spend,to play hours at a time,to consume yourself and resources to later quit because of this ordeal,as your friend did.
I’m sorry to hear that,and this isn’t the only case.
We have to put this to an end for the good of everyone!


My friend endured many things without giving up. He did good things for the common good. He tried to change some bad things. He did much more than me, of course. For him only his glass has started to overflow.

I think what we can do together, is what I said above. Let’s make a boycott to cheaters. Ask leaders of our clans to kick them, to leave them out.


I agree with this post 100%. I still can’t comprehend that some leaders are too selfish to kick cheaters out of their clans.


Because it suits them, Nemesis. Because they put ahead of common interest, the interest of their clan. In that way they believe that other players admire them and don´t realize that other players don´t really admire their smoke victories, because the victory of a cheater or a clan that protect cheaters, is smoke, is worth absolutely nothing.

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