We have a new Top Weapon in Town

Ok that makes me less angry, But why does TS have to make it like this? It’s stupid. Just establish stable drops so players can happily farm every portal the same way. Having several portals be shet and the next finally being decent doesn’t make any sense.

And the legies that you got aren’t even useful, except for maybe heronmark. (I just started using it, but it’s stats aren’t very great. So I don’t know why I upgraded it.)

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yes i’m gonna use them for myth food except heron mark

but if you see those portal as i do you’ll know that they still good even without legys because you get gold and a lot of items for upgrade not like premium pack you lose 335T for 5 purple cards


I realize that I got a lot of epics and some gold, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. I could grind for boost power, XP, and gold every day. Portals are rare, and should be useful. Good premium items are what you need to progress. I am currently stuck in rank 7 because I don’t have any premium modules, and I just get damaged down so easily. I was looking forward to getting a few legies, and hopefully something good, but I just kept getting angrier and angrier as I kept grinding. As angry as you can get over a game as stupid as SM.

You only need to see the yellow stuffs as blue.


There’s an easter egg. @cyanine

Yes… So…?

Ehh? Are you talking about the very bad mech, or Renai Circulation?

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I see that you’re a man of culture, congrats.

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claw on my main account I put on the mission and it was the only last hopeful try and then KABOOM


lightning mechs

I tested in campaign, it is really good



_**[quote=“Sarah247, post:1, topic:38649, full:true”]
We have a new Top Weapon in Town.
Frantic Lightning!
The energy version of frantic brute and frantic flame.
Get it today in the New Item Portal with extra chances in Hard and Insane.