We have a new Top Weapon in Town


Nooooo ,Sarah No dev , Sarah no boy :joy: ,Sarah only a friendly COMMUNITY MANAGER…


You got pranked Mwuhahahahah


Oh boy , you havent seen the deadly potential of frantic lightning yet


A manager should know more than a player.
This mistake shows how careless he is.


A COMMUNITY manager need not to play a game and spend time knowing :wink:


@SARAH247 iS NOT A BOY i even told you


Firstly I need to say sorry to Sarah for being too TOXIC.
Secondly I didn’t know about the differents between a developer and a manager.
Thirdly it was my bad, I will accept any kind of punishment. If I’m going to get banned, this will be my last reply to again apologize to Sarah and I’m going to learn some self-control. See ya in a random drawing community.


This kind of counter part weapon are non sense to me. It would be very interesting if every type of mech has its own exclusive weapons. Heat =heat, phys=phys, energy=energy

But supermechs is now going to the same direction of the old game,no hope


wait, item portals still exist?


I hate using a heat mech, i could but i wont


Dobt we will see an energy variant of Darky Chicken.
But regarding this “fine” marvel of top wepon.
I can only say … yeah it sucks, compared to other options that the more inventory “gifted” have(Vs).
But for a f2p, that only has grim cobra and Histeria, ( the pull jump thingy top wepon i regard as a more utility thing, and at 100 heat cost… i personaly find it pure crap), this Framostic wepons is an alternative… towards a more dmg oriented thing.
A dual FL with recoil shotgun can be a somehow decent f2p build,


It´s the first time that in a portal, after several refills I have not obtained the star item … and it isnt that I am interested on it, but this speaks of the deep deterioration of portals, as well as the detriment in other areas of the game. By dedication and commitment, the Tacticsoft team has turned the competition game into a slot game.

You are killing the Hen of the Golden Eggs (in my case, killed it already). I was a player who invested an average of $ 100 a week, now I’m not interested in paying for “always the same”, that is, “always the same garbage” and always the same game that walks backwards.

Very bad your new marketing, doesn´t stimulate anything. It doesn´t lead to anything. So much ambition has played against you, because we are not stupid, although you believe it.





What you show is the most obvious proof that the game is really broken.

That in a portal where statistically we all have the same opportunities, that some get one item repeated 20 times and others nothing, it isn´t the fault of luck or bad luck, but it speaks of a broken game. And I say broken game, to be light, because I dont think that there is something deliberate in all this.

I’m upset, yes, it’s been for weeks. But not for this item in itself, which is crap. I am disgusted by how badly the game is going in general and by the way that Tacticsoft tries to naturalize this situation of general deterioration.


Doing port rn, easy.


What i have to say is all have been said by wepwawet. in different opportunity , few of SM player have been blessed with un-released feature that makes the other SM players envy, i.e “Base Feature” and “Limited time offer with increased chance for specific items”. I was trying to stay cool and calm, but i’m currently in anger now while trowing my credit card on screen.


I am very disappointed in this portal as well. I spent 360T on this portal, didn’t get a single legy from a mix box; I did end up getting a legy from a fortune box, but I don’t really count that as a portal drop, because fortune boxes can be obtained not just from portals, and you aren’t farming portals for fortune boxes.

This is the second portal in a row that didn’t end up dropping and legies at all. I had always gotten at least from around 10 refills, which is just insulting how much worse the conditions have gotten.

All the frantic lightnings, and all the other epics that dropped, are useless. They are just boost power along with the rares and commons.

I am also fascinated by which items get portals. We just had a new premium item be released a couple days ago, but there were “increased chances in packs”, not a portal. Then there is conveniently a portal for a crappy RNG based E-M, which barely anybody wants. Is this not just obvious to show how TS wants us to get epic items, but not legies?


6refills because i didn’t open the game until 12hours passed

image image image image
that’s the best item portal for me since i came back


Are you f****** kidding me? That’s bull. I can’t believe how stupid SM’s luck works.


but you have to know that i didn’t get a single legendary for 4 items portals in a row even i play 7refills or more for every portal