We have a new Top Weapon in Town


Fack … Not even @WinzKay best insane well garbage… Hard drops are always the poop epics


I mean, it doesn’t take much to outsmart me so… play.Dumb code could’ve whopped me


yeah i noticed that too…
even with all the buffs aplied… it falls shot… it does have 2 uses tho.


This just goes to show that Sarah doesn’t care about us or this game at all.


Sarah have nothing about what is coming in game. She just get information about new events and make topics about it. (If you are talking about that)


My biggest gripe with Frantic Lightning is it’s energy consumption. Seriously? 81 energy consumption? In a world where Bunker Shell and Valiant Sniper consumes 31 energy?

P.S this also applies to Frantic Heat, too much heat generation. That’s fine when it comes to energy-free weapons, but that isn’t.


But it is, Sarah said that herself :slight_smile:


Supermechs: Releases frantic lightning finally…


Hey @Sarah247 could you give us a hand? There are too many items in game for boxes to deliver a fair drop chance.

Could you relay to the devs that we need a chance in this aspect ? All the new items are great and we want more but it’s getting exponentially harder every time to get what you want or even something that isn’t a duplicate or unneeded for your goals


Please just come with a positive thingking. She is just probably working on different office from the devs team


eh, I don’t really like this one. energy cost to energy damage ratio is total aids, it cant be used on troll energies to fight heats and physicals because the cost is to high. cant be used against other energies because your efficiency is so much worse. and the elec damage isnt amzing. I mean the higher half of its dmg range is same as bunker but the low end will make it pretty bad on average.
I don’t see the point of it really.

cant wait for the energy version of the dark eagle though :wink:


No way. You telling me frantic lightning is sheet?
Thank god, anyways i have to deal whit the enormous damage tought…


On my last oportunity of energy, hard mode.

Im done.


TheWindWeaver’s Portal farming report :

  • Epics are guaranteed in every box i farmed , its either 2 rares 1 epic or 2 epics 1 rare
  • Epics drop rate is so high that i have to use epics as food , used so many as food that i mythed my FL with only epics
  • Legendaries dropped , 3 times
  • 210 tokens spent
  • Never ONCE that a common dropped


literally the whole playerbase: “frantic variats are horrible”

developers: * releases more of the horrible weapon *


Frantic Brute is fine. A good Spartan Carnage alternative.

The other two sucks.


Spartan is the true physical weapon Frantic does not know wht to do.


100% of us know frantic lighting is a top weapon, but Sarah who is a developer told us this is a drone.
The way he makes mistake is unacceptable, does they even care about their game?


IMO both Frantic Flame and Frantic Lightning needs a buff.

  1. Increase the max damage to 521 on both F.Flame and F.Lightning
  2. Increase energy drain to 126 on F.L
  3. Increase Heat damage to 98 on F.F

Otherwise, reduce the energy/heat cost.


damage is not the reason that makes it to be trash