We have a new Top Weapon in Town


But look at that damage, I mean if it’s reusable same as face shocker then it’s straight up an upgrade, yes I know it has range limitation, but I think damage compensates that a lot.


yeah… but if you consider the fact that the res usually averages at 85 ish

with 77 as lowest with maximum protector or something

then you can easily hit a 1


Judging from my experience I saw frantic brute hitting me only 2 times with 1 damage, usually it’s around 350-560 average, at least on me, I feel like this drone also would have an average consistency of around 280-390 damage, which is great for a drone, in my opinion.


Not to mention the 31 extra energy cost and the heat cost


can somebody show maxed myth stat


About 6 posts above you.


Why the effing heck… Is this portal so ridiculously hard on insane? Seriously dude 2 revives? I swear this damn portals are harder and harder every damn new time


Did you at least get the new drone?


Why 2 revives tho

are you using a physical mech or something??


Hahah “new drone” nope and ran out of energy so I am not getting it


I am using a tanky energy mech. With 60+ res and 2000HP


OK Thanks
20OK 20Thnx


even I can’t beat it with my energy or phys

I have dual deso so I knnow it won’t work either

so I stopped at Hard


Would you look at that, Frantic Lightning’s max damage (a weapon with horrible RNG mind you) is lower than Bunker Shell’s max damage. That’s how you know that either Bunker Shell is too OP or the Frantic Weapons needs a buff.


Please some charitable soul that tells this young man that it is definitely NOT A DRONE.


you just gave me a meme idea


Buff for Frantic
@SilverBox @Sarah247
Nerf if it’s still a drone


Dude, are you sure

Sarah said it so it MUST be true


She changed the title ._.