We have a new Top Weapon in Town


portal insane was really hard

i lost 2 time




For real now,use this portal just like gold portal,farm it just for first run tokens,after that it s not worth it,since it gives less xp and you will need like 7 refills for a legy

With that ammount of tokens you can buy almost 3 premium boxes which still have a better chance to drop something useful,or why not ,try your luck searching for fortune boxes + in this way you will get more xp so you will get closer to that lvl 200 plat

I m telling this as one of the biggest portal fans,too bad that good portals are gone

50% of runs give nothing,tried on both hard and insane


210 tokens per legendary is about as good as premium pack rates tbh


well that might be ok for you mate since you are p2w but for most of the f2p players thats not worth it,since there is a pretty big chance to get a useless legy


theres the same chance of getting a useless legendary in the portal as there is in the premium packs.


1 I said premium boxes (which seems to have a better drop rate atm )
2 You got to invest way more time in portal +many runs give nothing




it says top weapon
it is a DRONE


Community managers never lie :slight_smile:


thats pure superstition, premium boxes and packs have the same drop rates.

for the time investment you also get a lot of rares and coins too. portal boxes general drop rares and epics more than standard silver boxes so its pretty good for fusion. if the leg rate is as reported then it also has the bonus of roughly the same token to legendary rate as premium packs/boxes. so in my opinion its better for ftp if you want to make this like everything about the imagined war between ftp and p2w.

I really don’t know why you’re being so confrontational about this anyway. I’m merely stating the fact that 210 tokens per legendary is roughly the same as you’ll get in the packs. if you dont want to do the portal, then don’t but I’m just helping to build on the facts for all bystanders to make their own informed decision.

and if you want to make it personal, I haven’t spent money on tokens in over three months btw, not that its relevent.




check some youtube videos,or some forum topic or test it yourself ,to see how real are those “superstition”

For the persons which tones of time,yeah it might be worth it,who knows ,you may get a legy after 10 refills
Also your sentence proved me that you did not farm that portal,since most of runs give nothing XD

Another theory based on your opinion? fun fact mate:an theory need arguments ,and no your opinion does not represent an argument

it s a thing called “fair play” ,trying to inform others about what i and few other mates found about this portal,so they could decide if they would or would not trow their hard worked tokens on this thing

i m doing like 5-7 refills at least on each portal

i just told you that was just a post based on what i and some other friends found about portal,i just suggested that people should think twice before they gonna trow those red roubbles on this thing

i can t see any help here,all i can see is a useless discussion started with other intentions than to help community ,as i said up,they could farm it,they could farm fortune boxes,they could buy boxes,anything,nobody would stop them (you just said some general truths like:the sky is blue,nobody will force them to do anything,it s just a suggestion,they can take it or they could ignore it)


I’m not going to continue engaging with you while you post in poor faith, people can decide for themselves based on the facts available to them whether or not they want to farm the portal.


You know I probably should have opened premium boxes because my luck is crap either way tbh.


@Sarah247 could we use your help here other wise there might start a World War in Sm…lol😂



Here it is all Maxed :

@Andernut for the Maxed Myth thread.

It is a cheap luck based alternative to maybe VS.
Not really usefull, could work nicely with bunker and/or lastwords builds.

Ps: portal is preaty trashy, 280 energy used, 1 L ultrabright, 2/4 empty runs on Hard.


Maybe I should use this drone in my build, but i don’t know which one to replace…Electrolyte, maybe?


idk man, even as a drone, it kinda sucks