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Lately, I have been noticing that I have been having an unnatural craving for violence and fighting. Somehow, I just feel like if I do not do something, like smash something down, a huge tension builds up inside me. Like once, when I played an unpopular game, people started insulting me in a really sarcastic way to especially annoy me. I felt like that if I didn’t do anything, I would explode! So I held back my rage as much as I can, but I couldn’t I finally released all my anger on a nearby locker. It sounded like the sky was cracking open. So what can I do to control my anger? My dad said it was because I have a lot of potential that I can’t let out. He is thinking about getting me a punching bag, but I know that would only be a matter of time till I get bored of that and want to attack people! So it’s really not a good idea. I think doing arm wrestles with my friends helps a bit, but they don’t do it anymore since they always lose. I feel like a frantic brute. Sometimes I’m calm and do no damage, and he next moment I rage and hit twice as hard as I normally do. I need an alternative now, before it’s too late!


Play geometry dash for more stress


That will turn me into a maniac considering what I am now

Go breath air

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Yeah, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here. But I’ll give it a try.

I’ve had this problem in the past. But I used many ways to solve them, I’ve went to therapy, I used a foam pad to “exert force”, but one of the things that actually works for me is to just spend more time outside.

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That’s because you keep all your darkness inside.

Openly express it.Try to find confidence and enough trust to talk to a person.You’ll feel understood and safe,let alone discharge all the demons you might have built up on the inside until now.

I’m like that,too.I keep everything inside and it builds up until it spill.Then,for a little drop,the WHOLE cup spills.Instead of physical exercise (such as hitting things or such),I prefer listening to metal,writing,drawing,even sometimes talking to others and expressing my thoughts to ease them up or even straight up play a negative and begin high pitch screaming and falsecord growling.

But I’m a metalhead to the screaming part might not suit you,try the rest,especially finding understanding in someone.


Now that you say it, I do feel like I have quite a lot of darkness inside me.

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Watch this


Not working for me currently, since I’m uploading a video that also advertises SimpleoN right now.

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open a new window in Private Browsing (or whatever your browser calls it) and follow the link above

Since Private Browsing doesn’t log you automatically on, you can watch the video, while the “normal” window still upload the video


To be honest your problem is too small that i don’t even think it is a problem.

I like fighting and killing, hit and kill it is the hidden part of me.Any time I see a beautiful girl my head is full of killing and rap…(you understand)

If you can"t hold just a small anger… you are kid “young”
listen to me the reason of your anger is too childish.
If you want to punch somebody punch yourself, it will help you awaking.

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2ab that’s not helping one bit…

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just need to remember this part.

I think he was trying to be funny. It is technically true that I’m a kid.

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what if I don’t…

Then I will 1v1 you with a titan as my mech

Smells like a fuse got lit in there…

…better leave before it explodes

That sounds a lot like me

you already know my dark past…so you better don’t hit your friends…
or I will spam you thousand massage.