WE did it! Victory for the Pro-3v3 Movement! 🙌

WE did it! 3v3 is back!

while mech roulette may not be totally dead as we may wish, the developers have announced that we will FINALLY, after 1 year and 2 months since its forced removal, have access once more to our beloved 3v3 arena format! and WITHOUT the game killing selection screen. so sure, let the gamblers have their fun on roulette week, but then will come OUR turn to play some old style 3v3 battles in the arena again. and those mech roulette losses wont sting half as much knowing that we’ll have our turn to play some REAL supermechs battes the following two weeks.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank some of the most memorable and commited characters in the pro-3v3 movement.

@cousin_joe for coining the term “mech roulette” which became a valuable piece of propoganda in our cultural war against the modern 2v2 system and for holding so many polls on the issue and creating detailed and well-thought out threads pushing for compromise in the least. you will be amoung one of the finest combatants we will have to thank when once again, after all this time, enjoying our first arena 3v3 battles since reloaded for most. thank you joe!

@lordgorgon for lobbying the devlopers so diligently and keeping a diplomatic demeanour when most would have faltered into agression. you too deserve much thanks for this victory! cheers to you, G.

@Rovolution you certainly played your role in the “revolution in SM history” :wink: and furthermore created a tournament to encourage an environment for competitive 3v3 play when it seemed all but impossible. thanks big guy!

@bestplayerintheworld your thread “2v2 is good vs 2v2 is bad” is one of the most popular and most viewed on the subject. you kept the debate alive in the public imagination when it was at its most vulnerable of slipping into obscurity and being forgotten forever. 3v3ers owe you a thousand thanks my dear.

@L4K3 you were one of the first OG campaigners for the 3v3 movement rallying a cause as a reaction to the initial update. you laid the grassroots from which all this stemmed. my eternal gratitude goes to you, friend!

@Mechzilla your poll must be counted amoung the most legitimate and well participated on the subject of the arena system failures. great job bro!

and without meaning to sound arrogant, I take pride in the role I played in this movement. I tirelessly campaigned and surveyed for the issue and compiled a comprehensive and complete documentation in chronological order of all the efforts which came before me.

in this moment of victory I toast to you my fellow 3v3 lobbyists. while our victory may not be complete, we have earned the right to pat ourselves and eachother on the back for the movement we started and for the welcomed return of arena 3v3.

cheers to you guys and everyone else I havent and could not in one thread reasonably mentioned who gave their time and energy to make this a reality!



i used to support bringing back the other 2 modes, but 1-use weapon metas became a thing, and we all know how that went

“You dont know what you are asking for.”…Matthew 20.22


with all due respect Ive been around the block for a while now and I know 3v3 very well and have no qualms about asking for it.

am I saying it will fix all the game’s problems? absolutely not.

am I saying it will be a significant improvement? hell yes.

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Time will be the best judge … Let’s return to this later

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Thank God… Thank you all for helping in this. Good job @Misfit. :+1:


Oh my God,it happened!We’ve been listened to,finally!

This is thanks to all of you that made threads about it and never stopped hoping!At last,our wish is granted (in a way).

I’ll lean a glass towards all of you and two for our host,@Misfit here.Love you!


Cool story bro. Lend us a tenner so I can build a third mech then geezer.

jog on, old boy.

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Thanks a LOT :exclamation:



Absolute correct :warning:


You deserve a LOT of respect for it, you put in MOST time and work for it :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:



The brits did it! Nice work @Misfit :hugs:


good job everyone…3 wellround phy mechs will be back


Well boys we did it luck is no more

all luck is repaced with 9 bunkers, 9 magmas, 9 plats, and 3 max proteccs :frowning:

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rejoice p2w your time is coming!!!

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:+1: and waiting 10 minutes also … when the players are divided into three groups-another song will begin …


Awesome job, @Misfit! As well as everyone else on the list :smiley:

Glad to see 3v3 will be back!

I think the rotation thing will be a good way to start. All 3 variations will be played in the same era of SuperMechs and hopefully it will make it clear which one is best cough 3v3 cough

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You didnt get the system … players will be nOT divided …

1 week … 1v1

1 week … 2v2

1 week … 3v3

Always nice to help you :exclamation:



Seria bueno si dieran 3 puntos de victoria, ya da igual. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: