WaZZuP! everybody


Hello to all,
this is GameSmasher
Been playin SuperMechs for a little while, it’s an interesting game.

Hope they fix sorting of mech parts soon, they are always scattered all over instead of same types grouped together.
EXAMPLE all bullet modules grouped together not 2 or 3 at the top 3 or 4 in the center and a few more at the bottom of a 100 saved modules.


I like things organized. They should have it organized with the way you are saying. Bullet Mudule with bullet module, same weapons linked together… Here an idea: Instead of Having one weapon that you might have 10 scatter, just put a number in the bottom corner next to the weapon. If you need an idea see the image.

A lot of games do this.


Why don’t they make the same items stack together?


They used to be organised. They should make it that way again.