Ways to obtain USEFUL low level items


Ever since the shop was removed, many new players that have reached the bigger leagues doesn’t have access to low level shields which is a major bummer and very useful. NO shields are usable beyond 20% shields. (Though some builds can use a 25% shield). And you can’t get them since the shop was removed a couple of patches ago for unknown reasons.

So now there would be a shop named as… You know, actually, I don’t have any ideas for the shop’s name but I’m just going to call it Dave. (You can suggest a name for it down below though) So the Dave is separated from the other shops. The Dave would have all the most reliable low level items like…

Low level shields
Rail Gun
(what’s the other bully but has 3 usages called again?)

and more.

However, there are only 3 ways to get it. By beating the 3 Special Battles in campaign (God Mode, Deal as Much Damage as Possible and Invisible Mech). But honestly I dunoo, maybe just buy it with credits? You be the judge. The 3 ways to get it is kinda stupid. :sweat_smile:

So yeah, please do give me your thoughts or something to improve it. And PLEASE help me get an actually relevant name, because “Dave” is just not acceptable.


I’m sorry Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.


I’ve been telling them since I joined. They don’t seem to understand how some low level items are staples or really useful or how older players have em and not new players which isnt fair at all.


You know, this is the only game I played where they took away the old item shop. This is just ridiculous. Every game I played didn’t really change the shop in the game. They only added new items. Not even the price went up. I played a game that I was hooked on, left it for 2 years and came back. Nothing really change in the shop, except a few new items, upgrades in the, and a few others. Not even the price change in the game. This is the only game that went south and a lot of players left. There used to be over 1200 players playing and in the lobby, yet now the most I see is around 600 at most. Haven’t seen any more than that. Every change in the game, people leave.

PS: hope the creator of the game reads this.


I would love to see SM with over 1k players at a time omg.