Ways to make BD better: ADS

You guys should start a kickstarter campangain to get ads to the world to play BattleDawn. WE all know it is a dying game, so if ads came to help it, then eras will be better.

SuperMechs literally just got listed in the AppStore as ‘featured’ or something, that’s as good of an ad you’re going to be seeing.

We’ve used ads for years really, don’t need a kickstarter to do it. We offer a 40% rev share as well for anyone willing to feature BD.

It has of course got much less effective over time, especially now that BD commonly doesn’t work properly in new browser versions …

We have something else up our sleeve to increase the playerbase in the long run, that said, I wouldn’t worry too much. We’ve taken a huge hit from the downtime and the browser stuff, but we were growing before that and are recovering again.

It’s not as grim as 2016. It’s also definitely worth mentioning that unlike 2016, every single player we get into the game is someone we think may like the game. We used to get lots of new players solely to be conquers and quit, AI’s took the need for that away and allowed us to see players again as a player, and not as food for existing players.

If you check out RC, we’re actually building further on trying to get as many players as possible to become friends (or should I say foes …?) not food.


I would just like to let you know that i like food. And food is good. Not bad. Don’t make it seem as such.

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Depends on quantity, really.

Have to say I never say no to Pizza


OK, good. And also, how many dev you got working on this game?

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currently only 1 - Alexander… :stuck_out_tongue:

thatz quite enough considering BD is quite mature… :stuck_out_tongue: