Ways tacticsoft is trying to get more money and why are they doing this stuff to us that is the biggest question about tacticsoft


First it was the token raffle then the mining tokens so I am trying to figure out what happened help me in trying to figure out why taciticsoft needs more money and should help them




No I am serious I am not kidding




Because tokens are so expensive that they can’t sell enough.

If 10 people can afford 1100 tokens @ $20.00
= $200 + low game popularity. Low frequency sales.

If 100 people can afford 1100 tokens @ $3.00
= $300 + high game popularity. High frequency sales.


P.S. Given the drop rate there is also NO VALUE FOR MONEY, so people are reluctant to spend.
= Shoot oneself in foot, we are bloody stupid businessmen.

In essence, this is a gambling game and the payouts are extremely low. There needs to be some sort of regulation where gambling is involved.

Even addicted compulsive gamblers will eventually stop gambling when they win NOTHING every time they go to a casino. Furthermore, addicts make up a very small population of the gambling people. The rest look to it for entertainment. When that fades they look elsewhere.

This Tacticsoft company looks like it is trying every single stupid idea to stay in business, when all they actually need is just a little BUSINESS ACUMEN, and a degree of respect for their customers.




I am serious


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For real I am not kidding




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