Way too many bugs recently, what's going on?

So I play this game a good 8 hours a day and recently it seems that the servers are crapping themselves.

Numerous times when beating an enemy in campaign the game just aborts me from it for no reason making me loose all progress.

Another bug is the upgrade bug where you cant click sweet and have to refresh the page.

Another bug is where the victory/defeat screen doesn’t show up in pvp and you’re stuck and forced to refresh the game.

Idk what’s going on with your end here tactisoft, a whole bunch of people have quit the game im pretty sure your servers should be able to handle more than 450 people at a time.


Save me… A post . I have experienced all the bugs above . The game is barely functional at this point. I have been dismissed from campaign three times and robbed of energy and all progress. I tried to document it but I was kicked out .


I´ve a grosso problem since yesterday, I have already sent 2 emails to technical support, but there is no answer nor the problem is fixed.

I can understand that the weekend, for developers will be the days of rest. Because for them the game is work !! But for us, the customers, the game is not work! We do it on days off.

I wanted to take advantage of the weekend to improve my mech and now I cannot do it.

Please! Reply the emails and solve the problems!

If you encounter the 0 0 bug in campaign, don’t click “Continue”. Refresh your browser, and it will start you prior to that last battle. Saves you the fuel.

But yes, the server has been extremely wonky these few days. Especially today.


It’s very slow. At least in 1 case it counted 1 won as a double, so I guess the server can count the lost battles as doubles too.

It does… and it’s doing it A LOT today.

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Well it seems business as usual sm rebroken…, that’s salty and will probably be a ban of some sort


With evry update… this happens.
Dont know why we haven’t got used to it.
Lagg in PvP, lagg in campaign.
Yeah sure you can work with it… but it hits alot in the playeble stat of this game.
I don’t mind the lagg in PvP, only play 5 battles/day.
But the campaign thing… that realy hurts.
Servers are overloaded, probably.
I heard BD is down… most BD players will say… neah its not us… its unrelated.
But the servers are shared to some degree.
Get you banned for what? @Se77en
Here is some constructive criticism… cut SM lose from any connection to BD… no shared servers, staff, etc.
It will allow us to actualy have the game we want, not the game others from other games want.
Get some good SM mods, that are actualy bias and that played the game and understand the game.
Keep these guys conected to the game development so that they know what to say when problems occure.
@Sarah247 is a one woman army… but she cant handle all the things that happen now. She needs help, othwrwise she will be overworked… and the fact that it takes 2-4 days to solve a matter isnt helping our comunity.
For example if the game is laggy, a SM mod would come and say, look this is the situation, we will take care of it in 2 days. Or this is what happened … it will be solved in 3 days.
The comunity will know, and will not generate frustration within it.
Just my opinion

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Wait for the “saving…” message to fade away before joining another fight. I usually get this when my internet is slow and I join a fight right after leaving the previous one.

This update is getting better and better :joy: obvious sarcasm

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if you get the 0 gold and 0 xp bug after killing mech if you press f5 (refresh) before clicking continue you don’t get kicked from mission