Way to screw over heat mechs in the raid supermechs!

why is it that something changed in the raid and now it makes it impossible for heat mechs to get a good score!!! 37 AM|690x387 please fix it asap,

oh yea, btw it is like this for ALOT of heat players

Crimson rapture does the job.

every single player is affected by that spawn range

if he don t have mercy or flamethrower or idk op stuf which does 500 dmg

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I can’t do it now too and i’m psyh so stfu

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every thing is not about heat mechs

nothing has changed for energy mechs so it is still super easy for them to win >:frowning:

If you have 2 vs and 4 bs then yes

Wait up since when did that boss have 512?!

They buffed it, used to be 330 if I recall. I guess they didn’t like people being able to one shot it and get perfect without crimson.

but the crimson raptor is not somthing every player can get with a flick of there finger

Exactly. They don’t care for those without L+M weapons. I guess this is another way of making raid “difficult”.


This boss used to be able to be one-tapped by Reckoning…

Or mince meat from Seraph. But nah Devs don;t gaf

Remove VR and all mods except hp/resist and see if that helps

Supermechs devs, please change it back!, and btw who else was able to do some ov the leavls from the 2v2 campain b4 it got blocked for a nother 2 weeks?

some? why not all?

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