Watch Ads And Get Tokens! (On PC)


you just watch an ad and get 1 or 2 token(s) :smiley:


That’s not a new feature, it already exists on Android…


i ment on pc … and thanks for your replay!


Yes, it is time for PC users, we can also get benefits, without being aware of a cell phone or tablet with Android.

That from any operating system, through the browser you can generate tokens revenue, to see advertising.
Do not discriminate against us?


YES TS NEEDs to bring back the token ad click system. It used to work very well 20 to ?? tokens PER DAY. The button is there but it won’t work anymore (AKA Super Sonic)

DOUBT it will ever return though.


Sure, we need that. We get more tokens, TS gets more money (more ads watched).


The option to complete surveys is garbage, has never given me even 1 token, it is a scam !!!

Now I just trust the video ads. They will pay little, but at least I can charge them.


I am on computer and I have it on here to… What is the point of this topic?
Oh. The surveys. Ok nevermind my brain is dead I have no brain cells someone call the doctor.


The point of the topic?
I don’t have them on pc either.Like many others.


I made a edit xD You can see it above


I’ve gotten thousands of tokens from surveys, they can be a pain in the ass if you pick the wrong ones. I got 3500 from 1 survey a while back it took 15 minutes. Other surveys are easy click multiple answer questions takes about 5 minutes for 26 tokens etc.

But the click ad tokens worked out the best.


Friend, you have been very lucky.
As I told you before, they did not pay me anything.


me too! surveys sucks!!