Wat do i do? plz halp


ok so i did that thing called "quitting"i just have one era going right now and after that i’m gonna be taking a long break from bd after which i’ll get manipulated into playing bd again by my so-called “friends”. but until then, idk what to do. thats a hell of a lot of free time that opens up with no bd. what can you lads recommend?


seeing the sun for the first time in your life


Well with the amount of money you were pouring into BattleDawn I’d honestly suggest stock trading.


Its possible to spend money on other things? Not just bd?


Traffic some females for pleasure like the Saudis?


idk how to, man
more characters


thats creepy

i dont drink coffee nor do i like it.


Pay Brendan Fraser to entertain you.


Pay @George for some more life tips, so he can instead spend the money on BD :grin:


will i get on the news then?


Go to a mosque and read Namaaz 5 times a day.


Hitmo, thank you. that sounds like the most sane idea of all the ones suggested.


Preach about the globe shape


What globe? There is no globe, since Earth is flat.


Nice play on words to try to get me to denounce the truth. Gg, lad.


Reading this makes me so happy


what i find fun is that kæn thinks ill allow him to quit xD

kæn you got a weak tops to bottle it up.

-ur love mk


Because you still hate me and me quitting makes you happy? :cry:

Vik, you were the reason i put that i will prolly be manipulated into coming back.


Asking nice is not manipulation. :wink:


It is when you send revealing images of yourself and say you’ll send even more if i come back to bd for “just one more era” which somehow becomes 7 more eras.