Wassup BD ( againts nothing )


Hello guys i wanted to ask something about whats happening on BD thesse days feel free to give some information or offer but this topic is not againts something i will just push on something so don’t think i am a critic lol i am just a noob here and it is just for feel good.

  • About tick pause,

I am playing this game since when I was a kid well I didn’t grow up yet but I am 21 yo so i think i had time for saw something on bd, well we had maintenance tick since long time ago its understandable for fix server problems tacticsoft knows his job i can say nothing about that but after this September I notice something. The tick pause was working well, it was paused all game 1 tick and next tick we could continue without problem but after September I see tick paused 1 tick and after it starts none can reach game with feeling free because it saying server down all morning for me and it keeping minimum 2h, sometimes tick delayed and paused 1 tick more, sometimes passed without you can log and that can make problem for game stable and i knew it did. Last f3 which was we won my enemy member launched my op with his all army, and i defended, he was online and wanted to turn back eot but eot time server closed ( it was 4-5h later of maintenance tick ) and he could not, tick passed and i killed him free. That made me sad seriously couse we are playing a war game and we should be having fun if we are playing a game win or loss can happen everywhere. I think he texted admin about this but didn’t ask him if he gets any payback for it or not. I also heard something happened like same that story so i wanted to ask wassup bd ? what is going on there, when it will be fixed and what should we do ?

  • About Fantasy Avatar

I think all bd players knew, the game is not getting an upgrade often, and we should be happy after we see an upgrade couse we are thinking some problems fixed, something getting new, we will have more fun etc.etc. but if you let me talking as an engineer which is my job, you can not run the machine if you take down something for fix something.
after v1.5 upgrade all fantasy world we could not put our avatar i have asked admins about that, they said it will be fixed after next upgrade. Ok then no problem but i know now someone ( not me ) can put his/her avatar and see other ppls avatar on another browser, so how that is possible, what makes different them with me, this is about war plans also couse lets to think? if you planted hidden and click to put my avatar by mistake or not you know that is not working, but someone in enemy will see you? then it will not be fair you even cannot know your avatar showed or not if you will not check couse you can not see lol so wassup bd ?

  • About Payments

don’t worry I will not ask any discount :stuck_out_tongue: this is not just for bd and all of bd players, that problem is just players who can not use paypal on his&her country.

after paypal decided left somewhere ( first my country turkey ) we having a problem on this couse atm we have just mobile payment and its limited. after you bought reds with 100$ and wanted to buy more it saying " you have to wait till … for buy more, or your mobile servise is not allowed for pay this etc.etc. ) well we fixed that problem on SM, use bd acc, log SM and buy reds on itunes or google play its unlimited like paypal but more expansive then mobile service / paypal.this is not for just me or Turkish ppls i asked my friends which is living another place and they said yes its expansive for us too. So i thought it is not fairly and may tacticsoft can do something about that if possible, like finding another way for buy reds like paypal or something idk i am just who wanted to give them someone money right? hey wassup tacticsoft :smiley:

till now my says it is, as like i said before this is againts none or nothing i wanted to push on something what can bd good more then now i thou

feel free to say or offer something guys i think we can do better bd together :slight_smile:

Best Regards…

a bd lover
a sleepy
a drunk
a noob
a student

SM of 4E

---- USTA

Cheers guys :beers:


its been a problem for a long time now , and everyday after 2-3 hours of maintenance ticks remain slow and laggy for next 3 hours and crash during eots. i hope there is a fix soon cause its very annoying.



that was why i posted here bro i’ve waiting since long time and when that shit happened last f3 i decided post it here idk who was him but he was @Alfie member.


Worst part of that is that Admin Joe ignored his messages when he asked for resources as compensation for the crash killing him


i have texted him for say that but.

we can do nothing about it atm i am thinking about future

that could be happen for me too
for you too…