Warhammer 🤔


Why didn’t they leave backbreaker as is and add the ax as a new weapon? I don’t know why they changed the look of a weapon that we already have. They should have just added a whole new weapon and not make us get back a weapon that we already had with different stats.


Because they want to.


People who had the backbreaker got the backbreaker, nobody started with warhammer lol. Whats the problem.


That doesn’t make sense they should have just brought a whole new weapon into the game or just buffed a weapon without making us get it back.


There’s this complex reason that I can’t be bothered explaining. So someone else can


Think of it.

Instead of just changing the stats of Back Breaker, they decided to make an entirely new weapon with the EXACT same sprite.

Turning the BB into the axe we know now.

So the answer is simple.

Becuase they want to


backbreaker was counterpart to terrorblade and sormweaver so they made it into an axe


There whole point of this was to buff the backbreaker to give people that use it an advantage or so that it can be used more often. However since they made a new weapon out of an old weapons look and change the look of a weapon that we have now; we have to get the weapon in order to get the buff advantage.


I just think that is was an odd thing to do.


And are we supposed to know the answer to that?

Useless topic


I just thought that is was weird that they had to make a new weapon out of an old weapon.


First of all,the axes have range 1 and they wanted a phys axe,instead of the two other prems,StormWeaver and TerrorBlade.
Second of all,the hammers are now another concept,as they do 3 knockback,while the axes only do 1.
So,they are going to add electric and heat hammers with 3KB amd keep the axes with 1 KB.As simple as that.

Plus,even so…I don’t see the problem.


The new physical axe is more useless than the Hammer … I’m waiting because Welcometopthelist told me that he had some ideas that build with hammer … I want to see what comes up.


Oh I tried getting it from the portal but I could barely beat it in hard mode.


I got the 2 as epics in hard mode. But it seems to me that you didn´t miss anything, unless they make some changes.


Cause, Why not?