War Robots is my choice

I outgrew this game. I may just give my account away. War Robots make Super Mechs look like play dough clay fighters. Nice making friends with you all…


Gimme your Account pls I’ll take care of it :3 plesh

If you are going to step up to a real mech combat game go with MechWarrior Online and put your big girl panties on, it is the online version of the tabletop strategy wargame Battletech.

Looks nice, but it’s just close quarters mech bashing, with all sorts of wepons…i like it!!! :)).
Mindless runing around, shooting random sheet, in funny looking humanoid mechs… hmm… yep similar to war robots, but war robots kinda adds a little more to it, like strategy and tactic.

Don’t take this the wrong way @El_Metre
If you think there is no strategy to mechwarrior then you have never played it.
It is not close quarters for one, lrm strikes can be made from over a mile and the game world is imense…
You can be hit by people you don’t even see.

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For me both games pack more strategy and tactic then SM.
I know both of them, i played both of them, but like i said War Robots its a little more involving, it has that “je ne sais quoi”, and mechwarrior favors the close quarters, knife fighting.
But to each their own, liked them both but i’ve chosen War Robots.

Both are decent games but for me War Robots is a bit basic compared to Mechwarrior.

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they balanced it alot, no longer that easy… and the new korean boots, really nice, also the gunslinger series.
Rhino is still used alot, with orkan/magnum setups, but they are hard countered by nimble fast bots nowadays.
But that is a terfyfing sight…the front end of a rhino :))


I will admit it has been a long time since I played war robots the glitches drove me from the game getting stuck in buildings as an example.

they got rid of those, now evrything works kind of well… altho there are some funny ones… like rajin walking on air… and climbing out of reach of wepons… and spaming trebuche all over the map.
I also left it 2 year ago when it was bad like you said, but i redescoverd it lately, specily after this money grabbing update they made to SM.
This money hungry strategy is what actualy drives me away from SM. That and the big slap they delt to old hard paying players.
I returned to War Robots, and quess what, all my stuff was still competitive, all my wepons were good, all the mechs were still hardcore… skill was rusted tho… but i relearned it, and now i have fun at it.
Golden league and climbing… without reinvesting.
Plus the fact that u grind, in PvP and you get alot from that.
There are more benefits for f2p players there then in this game.

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1st time I agree with you 100% !



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Once they nerfed BigBoy it became apparent that money was king not community. I am still hoping it will be fixed but I am not holding my breath…

good game. nice to see this game how cani play this imean the link