War Hammer, i had a bug

ok so what happend i beat the war hammer not the heat one the normal one a few hours after it ended well i dont know what happend but i Didn’t get the war hammer


the normal war hammer portal i did not get the war hammer from the portal

The portal won’t give you the hammer.
But if you go to hard mode…it will.
And it’s not warhammer.

just keep playing and you’ll get it.

And its the flaming hammer fyi

wait the war hammer portal that they rereleased
your not suppost to get it?

You are supposed to get it if you are at hard mode.

And yet again…

no not the flaming hammer the oroginal

Stupid topic , im muting this.

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the orinonal hammer the physical damage one

But that was from the past.

Now it’s the heat hammer.

A couple things:
First off, you can only get the item from hard or insane mode, and it is not guarenteed, keep farming and and you will get it.
Second, this portal is for the heat hammer, not the physical.

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