War Hammer - Hello!


Excellent portal to me! A little unbalanced because I got about 30 hammer (maybe more) and only 1 axe.

I just think that I will not use any of 2 for now.

@Sarah247 I look forward to the next portal, I’m very interested on that heat hammer …

Thank you!

  • The best box? 1 Fortune box that gave me 2 legendary and 1 epic.


My axe doubled when I was maxing it out. But it was only visual. Actually I couldn´t use the “double” at all.

It usually happens that when you make a change in workshop, then you see the duplicate weapons. But it´s a visual effect. You reload the page and it disappears.


I got 2 legends - myth food,
+many epics.

+So many of this warhammer shit i cant count, now i have still 9.


Don´t be a problem because of the hammer. It has some drawbacks. The worst of all is that it consumes energy and 31 is no small thing!

Wait for the next portal, sure will be very good for you.


i only got up to rares from playing on hard… can’t got up to insane without mything anything else…
can’t myth without legendaries
can’t get legendaries cause mech is weak
mech is weak cause i need a myth
it’s all a repeating cycle of sadness…


i don t get it,you can t have legendarys because your mech is week?
pff XD ok,what about making them?did you heard about that?you can make them like any other player,all you need is 110k gold,some rares and 4 epics,good luck


the reason why i can’t get legendaries is because of the drops, they’re trash
unless im able to go to insane i’ll basically never find legendaries, and i cant go to insane cause my mech is weak!
also the drops are so bad that making an item legendary now takes way more than before!!! i barely got to make my faceshoker legenadry yesterday, i had to waste some epics that i was reserving for fusion!
it’s all a cycle of sadness


first,how many runs you did?

second,i got 10 legendarys from hard,drops depend from player to player,from portal to portal(emp was a waste of time and tokens for me,i wasted 250 tokens on epics and 1 legendary hook,but you don t see me crying)
i did more than 100 runs on this portal

incorrect,the drops are decent,what do you want?a legendary from silver boxes? please,everyone can make at least 1 legendary per day with minimal effort (you can get 50k from first 5 wins of the day,then you can farm bb on easy which will give you 10k per mission)

check my post


dude… i only got rares after more than 150 runs on hard mode… all for nothing
since most of the times i didn’t even get a box

not if your drops are just mostly commons!

the money is not my problem, my drops are
if i dont have enough items i can’t get to max my epics and make them legendary! duh


you said that drops are bad so you can t make a legendary and now you talk about portal drops
those are two different things

you can buy boxes duh,you can use money for that,do i need to explain everything? jeez


how many tokens did you spent on refills?
some portals are good,some are bad,take my emp example


after buying around 50 boxes (well more like 50 of the 32000 pack) i’ve seen no epics, 80-100% commons and the rest rares… basically trash drops

i cant make legendaries cause i only get commons as drops from portals and boxes! and they shouldn’t be so bad that when someone says something like “portal boxes were bad” everyone else (mostly pros) goes like "OHH those are supposed to be like that"
dude they’re portal drops, if anything i should be able to get at least some unwanted epics or mostly rares… not just commons after commons after commons and just be like oh rare and then is just common for a good 50+ runs!


i dont pay for refils since i have basically no tokes, instead i got to the arena and procrastinate for a good 5 minutes when my fuel is up so i can just go back to farming… i also play some mini-games in the mean time


dude you can make a legendary per day no matter what,ask anyone,even with commons


try getting an item to legendary by only gaining around 100 commons for a whole day of just farming…


ok so you did 150 runs without refills, right?

you are just a LIAR!

and i can prove it!
math time!

portal duration was 48 hours
1 day have 24 hours 1140 minutes
2 days have 48 hours 2280 minutes

your energy level at max level is 73
and you also get 1 energy at every 4 minutes


2280 minutes divided by 4 equal 570 energy
(you get 1 energy at every 4+ minutes,let s say 4)
+20 energy from daily quest from first day of the portal
+20 energy from daily quest from second day of the portal
+30 from clan fuel box
maximum 640 energy
640 energy divided by 8 energy per run(on hard as you said) equals 79 runs
640:8=79 this is the maxim number of runs without any refills and without sleeping 2 hole days

with sleeping,eating,washing,etc i guess that you did less than 40 runs


# you were schooled!


dude please
when it comes to procrastination (and beating a lvl as fast as you can)
im yer man
plus the reason why i can’t refill anymore is cause i wasted my tokens
i only have 49 left… and i want to get at least enough for one pack when the sale comes out
and i also wated like 10 when i died
so i quess im not that good at saving my tokens… but anyways i stop refilling cause 49 is absurdly sad (but 0 is worst) and tbh the drops weren’t worth it for me


as i said(and math prove it) you are just playing with numbers XDD
next time do the math,of course you may not get anything from idk 40 runs(with sleeping eating etc) then shut up and stop complaining,some players did 200 runs without an legendary


lol 200 runs without legendary
wonder how :eyes:
anyways believe what you want to believe, im not going to complain about it


i believe math(exact science) you don t have how to complain(i prove my arguments)
enough spam,cut it