War Hammer - Hello!


Hope you get them…


I got Abomination… but it´s the same that Great Cannon.


It is,indeed,but has 2-4 range.


I have 5 now, can gift you 2 :exclamation:

We trade in game now :question:



A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. :hushed:


I didn’t touch the War Hammer … got 7 of them, boosted 4 of them as fast as possible away :exclamation:



Do you have something to say about premium boxes or shields, claw EMP, etc. :question:
When yes, do it here :exclamation: : http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/pro-gamer-changes-huge-research :wink:

YEp i got 5 or something, i use it in my energy trash mech for experiment.





Example of the duplicating bug because of this update, the 4th mech is the duplicate, pls fix this @Sarah247!


Let me ask you 2 questions:

No.1: Why should they fix this?


You can basically exploit them, because it is possible to use them as upgrade material and such, or atleast make 3 exact same mechs effortlessly.


So in other words… it’s cheating correct?




Then question No. 2:

Why are you still doing it for then?? There have been many complaints about it already and you do not need to show us anymore. So why are you duplicating a full 4th mech for??


I did not duplicate it, it suddenly showed up in the 4th slot when when my phys mech did not looks like a Zarkares with Desert Fury at first, then stayed, but I took it apart :confused:


May I recommend not to keep posting about it? As many of my clanmates have sent it to Sarah, many on the forums has sent it to Sarah… and we do not need more people aware of this strange glitch that may affect the whole single player aspects of the game.

Thanks in advance. :smile:


It seems that I was the only one that neither legendary got … :sob:
The same thing always happens in all portals …


Nope…all I got is a bunch of epics :confused:


The only thing I have was … (wait, I did not get so many epics) :skull:


In the portal, I got ALOT of epics, as well as Desert Fury and Legendary Heat Bomb.