Wanting to Join the Tacticsoft Team


When i grow up… I wanna join the Tactisoft Team… Mainly the Supermechs side of it!!!


Unless you have some positive stuff to say… Don’t say anything…


And plz don’t unlist this… It ain’t gonna do any harm…


how old are you? so do i?


I’m only 13… Totally not illegally going on to chat 3-4 years ago…


i meant to say"!" sorry


oh i am also 13, cool


i also want to join it as well


Come on, out of all the prestigious careers you could have as an adult, why pick this one?


I just wanna be part of the team… Btw i’m taking software engineer as a major when i do get to college …


Might as well work for a successful major gaming company. :slight_smile:


Good luck i hope you get a chance to help then


So glad fluffy approves of this… I wanna make Supermechs a better game!!!


where are you from?friends?


Maybe… Rasberrys are amazing… That’s a negative comment so be quiet


me too RasberryBleach2


I hope you can join the super mechs team and quickly shut down the super mechs server.


You can first start playing the game, learning all the ropes of it, gain some experience.
After that you can join the SM team, and improve the game.
They do need all the help they can get. But more important you need to understand the mechanics and the outer workings of the game.


You can join SuperMechs team as a tester
I think we need more tester for beta


Just keep trucking away. If SM takes after BD at all, it’ll be here for a long time. I’ve been playing BD for a decade and I’m finally here working for them on the side that I wanted to and bringing change where I can. My advice to you, get involved wherever you can in the community to help bring positive change. Good luck :slight_smile: