Want to test a NEW Feature?

We are looking for dedicated players to test a NEW feature.
To become a tester you need to be an active player. If accepted you will be added to a secret forum thread to discuss the new feature with the team. The test should begin next week.

Are you up for it?

Sign up here —> http://bit.ly/2hLHivt


No :joy_cat:

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Is it ok if 2 people are using 1 account? i am using @Krystal’s account since we are siblings , Ill send the same ID as she did.

User ID is username? Or mech I’d?

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Okay, I re submitted, bcz last time I gave my user name

Yes I am.

I signed up, I cant wait for it.


i put two ids as i dont know which is right

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I’m in! I hope i will be able to test new super mechs. I like this game so much. Im playing in it like two years already.

im in the ye ol’ days of testing

I have submitted my resume for this job. Hope i get it.

I’ll try my luck. Hope I become a tester. :slight_smile:

P.S. more testers will be chosen

I really want to become a tester :smiley:

SuperMechs unloaded ? Kek

I would also like to enter. I am an extremely active player. I think I am active in the game. xD

What about old testers

when player will know if they are accepted or not ?

Mail will gonna come to you

the most exciting moment is to see a green circle in your image and think it is sarah, but at the moment of opening it, just be a friend speaking through a forum ;'v xD