Want a new weapons? ;3


new ideas:
MagmaPuncher (physical lava spray/cold fire)
weight: 41
phy dmg: 110 - 135
2 uses
heat cost: 10
energy cost: 5
range: 2

Black Hole (OP top weapon, similar to ultranova)
weight: 79
phy dmg: 160 - 190
3 knockback
1 use
heat cost: 20
energy cost: 15
range: 6 - 7

and last weapon idea:
ShockShoot (electric weapon)
weight: 51
ele dmg:60 - 70
energy dmg/drain: 48
3 uses
energy cost: 20
range: 2 - 4

and a new torso idea :3
Nekozilla (yes, sounds like a cat)
weight: 379
hp: 460
heat: 130
cooling: 40
energy: 100
regeneration: 20
heat/elecric recistance: 4

welp, i hope you like :3
cheers, Mia!


so whats the point of all this things?


idead for new weapons, YOU CAN READ?


this is not ideas. This is merely some stats of what possibly could be a new myphicals… if there was any sane idea behind them. But you just took what already existed and slighly changed it, as I see. The best I can find here is “torso that looks like a cat” design idea


This is way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of proportion

God why do you punish us with such godly ( yet overused ) weapons?

Cool, probably add some heat regen too

It is too lightweight and has a bit too much on its hp.


just names and stats wouldn,t be good ; a new weapon wouldn,t feel new? what you need is new animations for weapon firing. few of my crazy ideas are here

megafreeze : freezes your opponent for 2 moves ; no damage
multidrainer : there are multi resistance kits, so why not this too?
vortex : 2-3 pulls , decide other stats for youselves(heat,electric versions can be there)
de-railer : damages one mythical weapon of you enemy for that match(too crazy: so it should be too heavy so that no body wants to put 2-3 of it on their bot ; few more handicaps to the owner of the weapon also should be here)
enemy teleporter : any explanation needed?
drone sacrifice : to increase your hp or drone fakes a hit from a massive damage weapon to save youtake

i am crazyyyy , right


hm de-railer looks prominent. After all, in original Battle Mechs you could damage weapon or legs with your attack - so one-use weapon that damages and prevents from firing one enemy’s weapon will fit. And it will make mechs more creative - as no competent pilot completely relies on a single weapon anyway, so the builds that survive loing a weapon or even two will be more interesting.

of course, if some “genuous” player picks 4 of this it would be… game-breaking, I would say. So we probably should make this top weapon, along with other limitations (probably weight and really high energy cost to fire, like 100-200). I also should note that permanently damaging legs would be OP so dont do that.

“freeze” and “megafreeze” aka non-permanent mobility damage (full or partial). Would be nice against those nasty melee mechs. As a drawback we can make it so it cools down enemy mech.

“vortex”: nah we have 2-use hook already, don’t really need the same thing in other slot. Unless it have minimum range of 4

“enemy teleporter”: even self-teleport is really strong already…

“invisibility”: just like that mech in campaing - permanent effect. I also suggest improving this effect, so enemy can’t see your mech before battle or at start of it, or even when you take damage.

“drone sacrifige”: not sure. But that reminds me my own idea of flak weapon that is used against enemy drone, deactivating or damaging it.


Instead of adding weapons they should give importance to Existing weapons
Many new players don’t even know the names of most non-mythical , non-legendary items


I can’t remember names of most myphicals either

no “instead” pls. New items should appear anyway, to introduce new mechanics. I am not talking abt some problem solvers like latest cooling module with absurdly huge cooling - just because earlier devs made myphical heat weapons with absurdly huge heating. I am talking abt things like repair drone, or limited-use legs - they all add element that never was before.
however, it is possible to redesign old weapons so they gain a new meaning, as if they were new items


I guess you don’t know about what I like to say Good days when Mythicals were a Myth
And winning depends upon skills, Not on how much money you have in your pocket
Although spending money to help Tacticsoft is good but …


I remember old days when there wasn’t ANY myphical items. In fact, there wasn’t legendaries or epis or uncommons. Just bunch of items you could buy in the shop. THAT was good old times, where winning indeed depended on raw skill. But of course such a game couldn’t bring Tacticsoft money.

what would be nice to see today is making more non-myphical items, and probably adjusting stats so rarer qualities of items are not merely stronger, but unique instead - so there is always reason to use more common and at same time more universal item.


That’s why some good game companies got a donation button


i am just repeating part of one of my replies above?

we need alternate animations for weapon firing to bring a difference

any body seen hoe “engine breaker” fires ; it projects few circle shaped ripples

why don’t the developers try “a sine wave”, a square wave ", “a crescent wave”, “swarm of grenades”
“red,blue,yellow mixed light beams ; straight or swirling” "a weapon that lifts enemy bot and then punches it to the floor ; one that sends enemy bot revolving , throws it upside down----he he it would look funny won’t it; one move will be gone for bringing the bot back to normal


New weapon idea
Dark magic staff (melee staff weapon)
Range: 0-1000
Ignores resistance
Physical damage (melee): 150-250
Physical damage (ranged): 100-200
Heat damage: 150
Ele damage: 150
Can be used twice each turn


well, if heat and energy damage are done to self, this is balanced


Sounds broken, 2 uses per turn?!


ignore BlackTempest, he clearly has no common sense…


That’s why they don’t do any design your item contest , people now give broken stats


wtf, why no one have humour,
i aint serious


o wot m9? :v i think thats op