Waiting for BD to advance


So usually when I’m playing an era and I’m very active, it gets quite boring waiting for the ticks to pass sometimes. Most of the time I either talk to the team or friends on Skype or I watch shows (this can be a problem since I get hooked and forget eots xD).

But sometimes I have nothing to do, so I was wondering if people have any games or anything to do whilst waiting for something to happen and bored.


anymore questions?


i dont understand what more you want.


Hahaha that gets boring after like 2 tries tho man I need something that keeps me interested, like another BD xD


have you ever tried tribal wars??? thats another game i play to past the time LOL its up to world 27 or 28 i believe i am in 27


BD colony defense
choose one


Booooooooo you suck.


agario TV studying
a lot of stuff u can do while ur not sucking off traj swag :stuck_out_tongue:


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Ugh, this is hard!