Waiting for approval


The waiting for approval used to work but now…

So you if are waiting for approval you see this

But the leader see this


I just tried to recreate this and didn’t get the same outcome.
Could you please list the steps ( clicks ) you did to get to this?
The more details the better.


It used to work before
Leader saw a member highlighted with green that wants to join and he/she can accept or reject it

What I did
Created a clan
Log out and Log in with other acc.
Searched that clan send a request
Log out and Log in with other
Clicked on the clan screen and saw no one

What outcome did you get @Sarah247


I tried to create this with another person in the office.

  1. Opened a clan
  2. Search for clan
  3. Sent a request to join
  4. Accepted player

It worked as it was supposed to.


Leader must be online, because if leader logout, request is lost. Or if leader offline, request does not make sense, and when he looks at accept list, there will be no new requests.


Ah… That was just my mistake sorry for that
I did it again this time with a friend and it worked

But if request is gone for leader then it should be gone for other player too


@Sarah247 This feature needs to be more neat


We are aware of it and after the balancing testing and release, we plan on working on revamping other features.
We appreciate you giving us your feedback.