W.p.o.t.w super mechs player


hi its me magix so u said to me to talk to u on here


U mean @W.P.O.T.W ?


how do imessage him
worst player of the world


MagiX huh?
Well. . .


knot know yt viper how do i message people on here


Tell me how old are u?


Click on their profile pictures and click the message box.
Also I find it very strange.
How you said you were quote on quote Godzilla.


i need to talk to worst player of the world


Well, just click on this tag and click the message box.


im new on forums can u tell worst player of the world to message me


So it was a lie you said you were Godzilla?
Because if your “New to forum” then that means your not Godzilla.
(Unless he stole your account or something.)
I’ll just invite ya to the private message or whatever.


he did steal it …


this is getting more and more confusing.
the longer this mystery is unsolved, the longer my brain will think about a player of a 2d flash game that noone will care about in the future.