Voting mechanism for relics


I think we’ve all seen an era where it’s clear that one alliance is dominating the era and will continue to until the very end. In other words, it’s pretty much a dead era. However, there are times when the admin may be busy so it takes a lot longer than needed for relics to come out. So why not have something created where the players of the era get to decide when relics come out. After tick 500 or 750 (something like that so there is still time for super late planters and so relics are released at like tick 10), some vote mechanism comes up asking whether the players would like the relics to be released. This vote mechanism would be available throughout the entire era so players can vote anytime. Once the more than 25% or 50%? of players have decided that they do want relics to be released, they will be released in like 10-20 ticks or so from that time. This way, players don’t have to sit through unnecessarily long eras that have been dead from the get go. This way, players can have a fresh start quickly and perhaps bring in new competition.

Would love to hear your guys’ thoughts.


Only if everyone except winning alliance voted to do so. If someone doesn’t reply vote doesn’t count :slight_smile:


I feel like this would only be useful for eras like the current f2 era, where its a complete blowout with no hope of victory from anyone else


Its a joe world youre getting relics next month


time to see if i can make 100 squads then lol


Admin’s already have the ability to end era’s earlier via vote from the world. I just haven’t seen any use it yet. However, this was to prevent an alliance from farming the world for score. I think some admins are a bit on auto drive and just always release relics on certain tick time frames. Always feel free to reach out to a world admin and put a feeler out. It may just be enough to point out to them that maybe they should release relics a bit earlier.

But, as admins, we also don’t want to prevent any ability for teams to attempt to fight a team that seems to have the era in the bag. It’s happened before where a team plants late and causes an upset because rank 1 got to complacent.


you should Only be concerned when relics are not out by tick 1000


Honestly if you feel an era has hit that point just PM the admin. Sometimes we don’t see what the players do. Different angles and all that.


Oh, I see how it is. Give Theo likes and not me. I’m banning you all :unamused:
And releasing all relics 1 tick before tick limit. :unamused: