Voting for nerf heat items


Pleas please pleaaase, do something, the heat items are broken, and one cannot defeat a heat mech becuase i cant attack because the heat items do a lot of heat, (even rares), so if someone agrees please say me and I hope that in future updates they nerf them, and even on the top battles the heat mechs always win, and as a little advise, please buff the physical items, they are underrated, and im a physical mech


*they do nothing


Ahhh it’s sound bad coming from a Physical mech, but it might be true, specially those Corrupt Light (it’s name fits well…) with unlimited uses, - cooling, - heat and a LOT of heat dmg, (and other weapon that i don’t know the name, with 4 canons)… now i got 1 of the first and i’ll build my mech with that, at least if they do nothing or nerf (so much), now have 1 Desolation and Iron Frenzy, 1 Iron bark, Nightmare and Scorching Feet, and if i can get one more it will be good also have twisted flux if the weight bothers me… But it only might be true for not high end players, i was seeing the players list and there are quite good mechs with physics like R.I.C.O, he has good hp, very good weapons and a lot of energy and heat too, maybe low resistences but the hp compensates it. and there are others too, i was physic all the time cause ONLY got those ALL the time (or very bad heat/energy items)… but now it’s time to change…


All ot the above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :ballot_box:


I used to have problems with Corrupt Lights too but I raised my heat a lot, Corrupt Lights are why I have almost 546 heat. There for a while Corrupt Light mechs ruled the field but everyone raised their heat and they stopped being as threatening.
If you have 350 and under heat you have little chance against duel mythic Corrupt Lights


I dont rly care about heaters ._.
Just put some heat engines and you should be fine.


Hehehehehehehe i got another Corrupt Light for my heat mech, that’s all, now I’ll be focused on that…
and I didn’t want to play today…