VOTE on your FAVORITE Video!


I barely have any maxed items and i am not top 10 yet the videos are boring for me. Thats an invalid argument


Then don’t watch them simple, move on lol


If you did not think completely well there are people who do not see the forum does not ask “hey tell me the statistics of this weapon” do not do so they go to see a video of the weapon impreciona that you av aviz noticed something so easy to notice


I know, no one ever talks about Kig we upload similar videos



The facts are, your videos are not entertaining. You become an annoyance trying to spread them around for views, you’ve been told to stop. Because seriously, it;s annoying.

Misfit, just like Kaen, have found them nothing but boring. Hell misfit said it had no entertainment value.

Take the hint, making “MAXING OUT MY 99999TH SO AND SO MYTH” videos is stupid, boring, and a pointless waste of time.

Hell you continuing to argue that it’s not is pointless. Just stop and let this contest go without you trying to steer it in your favor. Ffs


Exactly the same only that he teaches it at maximum level


Only the forums where I have the issue,
You can also move on like @Kaen
You can read this if you want your welcome.

Other people don’t find it boring @Transcendant


he reads very well what he had written and then he writes please and he also stops insulting and ways of speaking


Please, stop defending him. He doesn’t deserve it.

I’ve watched kigs videos before, they at least some form of information to give.

Dwights on the other hand, only focus on maxing items out, and that’s it. Literally pointless and a waste of time. He should learn to stop being a man child, and instead should learn how to make decent content. Maybe then he wouldn’t need to flood a forum of his links to get views.

@Dwightx, I won’t even read that garbage post of yours. Because using a forum that isn’t even yours to push videos onto people is just wrong. Christ, take the hint. No one wants or needs your videos here.


You take the hint and leave me the hell alone


I will. Once I stop seeing your name all over the forums.


Really absurd but good if you do not realize that helps new people to know if it is intregra to your mech or not and also helps because they know the damage of the weapon


Wow I did not know what was so personal your discussion why you do not take her to a private chat because this topic is for voting


if it’s not worth it to argue with him forgive everyone but the battle with @Dwightx it’s extremely absurd are they a virus to fight?


And of course we have another war topic over here. :slight_smile:

How fun ~


Lol it’s everywhere I go


I love it when this happens, it’s the only thing SM related that is entertaining now

Each time I open the forums and I see a topic burst into flames I just laugh.


Oh goodness gracious and you are?


Jeez everyone being a jerk to dwight; it’s really childish


do not start a fight