VOTE on your FAVORITE Video!



Welcome to the forums my brotha, now we can actually talk on here rather then youtube.


Alright, since you seemed bias from the start. He’s posting a video on a topic that’s meant to allow others to choose an already listed video out of the ten.

His third video on this topic is not relevant at all to the contest. He’s merely using it to gain more views on his shit. That’s the problem, but he plays it off and cries attacked when called out on it.

Man, not even a month on these forums and already I dislike someone enough to reply like this. Lord.


The video wasn’t monetized and I deleted the thread, Like @NINJA said wtf is the issue ?


Hmmm, then let me apologize for not having noticed. Sorry, point still stands. (totally didn’t forget to apologize). lol

Anywho, keep the thread clear and be happy for whoever wins.


Ok guys , we have got a problem .

this morning i open youtube to watch some more Jameskii (VR youtuber)

and i see on my feedpage a video from guess who? you guessed it @Dwightx!

It clearly asked , for people / her gmail accounts to come vote for her videos.

is that ok?


They can Upload videos too on their channel.

Also I already had the discussion but @Transcendant wanted me to delete the thread so you had to find out through the “feedpage”


Dont beg for people to vote for your videos , let them vote for what they like is what im trying to point out.


Do not tell me what to do lmao


LOL GO FOR IT I WILL :laughing: :joy:

It’s only 1 vote :eyes:


Maybe I just don’t get point of maxing an item video. I can uderstand that some people like arena only video but… Mordulec Square got so many votes? Why? This video is terrible. There is no way to find it nice or even good.


Alt votes… alt votes everywhere!


as long as mordulec or alexander wins I’ll be happy - they atleast had some effort or thought put into them and had entertainment value.

if maxing a windago wins I’ll be pretty pissed - I max items all the time I dont call it “entertainment”. what a boring, effortless and unoriginal entry - doesn’t deserve the prize.


Nono - its not allowed to talk about alts :grey_exclamation:

Everybody use them, in BattleDawn - there is a special thread about -
someone produced few hundreds (:exclamation:) alts, but here in the forums and in SuperMechs no-one has any alts :exclamation:


Beside …



Friends, the battle of two titans! in a corner with an approximate weight of 1,000 kg alex! with an extremely funny video and in the other ezquina with an equal weight 1.000 kg mordulec with an equally entertaining video who wins who loses !!! vote to vote for your favorite in this titans duel !!


Unlike like you @Misfit I’m not top 10 and Haven’t been playing SM as long as you have . So MAXING videos help people :slight_smile: On top of that I have another video up for voting…

You said it yourself people don’t go on the forums.

@Mordulec is winning #1 29%
@Alexander is winning #2 27%
@Dwightx is winning #3 24%


If these are the finalists I do not want to imagine the others

the competition of the worst video of 2017?
I swear to you that I imagined that I would see great things, not such bad videos.


When you try do something and it don’t success… But being seriously - isn’t my video only one with AN IDEA? Other ones are part of the game and you can do EXACTLY same things by yourself. And this dialogs crap. Yes it is kinda… Another…



Misfit wasnt talking about your videos overall. He was just pointing out the top 3 videos and tbh i dont think anyone here understands why a maxing video made it into top 10


This is like my 4th time saying it @Kaen and it will be my last. People don’t go on the forums and look at MAXED mythicals as said by @Misfit down below

My videos gets a lot of views meaning, people like to watch MAXED mythicals.
@Misfit Has many MAXED items and he is in top 10 So ofc the videos are going to be boring for him because he already has a lot of items and has been playing for a while.


@Alexander Clark Spend less then 10 minutes making the #1 video.

  1. Go into SM replays
  2. Record the Screen
  3. Add music

No description, No Comments, No time Spent, No Links but then again I did the same thing for the chicken easter egg but no one has recorded Chickens like I did