VOTE on your FAVORITE Video!


Hey Everyone!
The Team has chosen and now it is your turn.
Watch the finalists’ videos and VOTE!
Winners will be chosen at the beginning of next week! :grinning:
Good luck!


So why does Dwightx have two entries in the top 10? Isn’t the point to reward 10 different players?


Or 8 if you want to ignore all of his out right lol (suggestion).


No, all links were given to the team anoymously. So the team didn’t know who they were voting on.


Well tbh the bias isnt too surprising. As was expected of them.


They watched the videos and voted for 2 of them that have the same intro. Its obviously 2 different people


They just like Minecraft intro


just,I can vote for myself ?? and someone can vote for more than one video ? or its only one ?


unlist topic , remove 1 dwightx vote.

add mine C:


Legit tho why wasnt TechnoDive’s video in there but Dwight got in 2?


I knew it! Thanks for choosing me :slight_smile:


You guys should count the votes so that a player’s vote for themselves don’t count.

And check every suspicious account to see if it’s that person’s alt.


I may not be liked on the forums :v
But If I do win TOP 3 I’ll Do a Pack Opening
It’s Only Monday this is just the beginning…
I’ll also be happy with a Top 3

btw @Mordulec isn’t even here

Idk but both dwightx votes should count because you can only vote once.

EDIT: Because the SM team chose 2 of my videos for top 10


[quote=“Dwightx, post:13, topic:9880”]
pero ambos votos de dwightx deberían contar porque solo puedes votar una vez.
[/quote] xD


Sir Clark…


Can you please not flood this topic with your videos and constant bs. Like we want to see who wins, not see some handmedown “youtuber” sharing his shit.


Watsup new person or alt would you continue ?
I deleted the thread btw your welcome


It is not to insult too many times I see that insults and ways of speaking


Think it’s the round table and the community is talking without insulting but you’re the one you insult! what do you think they would say to you for it


Hes not insulting. He brings up a valid point.