Voltar com a loja de itens como vc compra torsos pernas como antes, não agora so com essas caixas de itens

Na minha opinião era melhor antes quanto vc comprava as suas armas q queria, torsos q vc queria, n hoje q tudo vem nessas caixas de itens,nessas caixas de missão épica ou lendária,so vem itens comuns.
minha ideia é que quanto mais alto seu nível mais armas vc pode compra,hj lvl baixo tem armas míticas o jogo fico desbalanceado na minha opinião.

Incase anyone is wondering.

This lad/laddie would like the devs to bring back boxes for each type of item.

“Back to the store items like you buy torsos legs as before, not now only with these items boxes” <- Title

“In my opinion it was better before when you bought your weapons that you wanted, torsos that you wanted, n today everything comes in these boxes of items, in these boxes of epic or legendary mission, only common items come.
my idea is that the higher your level the more weapons you can purchase, the lower lvl hv has mythical weapons the game gets unbalanced in my opinion.” < Translations for both.

  • Torso Box
  • Legs Box
  • Module Box
  • Side Weapon Box
  • Top Weapon Box


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I agree but highly doubt it.

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This feature was inside the game not so long ago maybe a month ago but it is no longer seen in SM videos I do not remember the channel but only those who had new accounts had them :slight_smile: